Sunday, January 03, 2010

Our Snow Angel

We woke up this morning to another beautiful snow. Actually, when Brent was coming home this morning at 4:30 am we saw the snow (he was on call). Olivia Grace woke up and was just giddy about it. Well, OG and Daddy bundled up and headed over to the golf course to meet the Young boys. They went sledding for a while. No pictures on the golf course because I couldn't go!! Bummer!!! Later this afternoon Caleb came down and they played in the yard. They looked miserably cold, but you know kids!!

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Brycen said...

Love your snow pics! Didn't realize you were on bed rest. I know what you mean about being told to stay in bed. These snow days I keep saying I will sleep in and never do but any day I get up for work, I could sleep for days. Good luck!