Monday, December 11, 2006

Olivia Grace and Caleb
Saturday night we kept Caleb while his parents went to a Christmas party. Olivia Grace loves to play with Caleb. Caleb loves to come down and play with Grace (that is what he calls Olivia Grace). They had a great time together.

Olivia Grace's Christmas Tree
Olivia Grace was so excited when we put up her Christmas tree. She did her little "happy dance." She stomps her feet, turns in a circle and holds her arms out. She has been really good to not mess with any of our trees. We have a routine every morning of turning on all the trees in the house. Olivia Grace points to the tree and says "tree." This means "turn it on Mommy!" We were looking for a pink tree (imagine that) but we had no luck. We found this white one and are now glad we got white instead of pink. Her pink ornaments show up better on this one (can't see in picture). We love Christmas at the Silvey house!!!

Caroline's Birthday Party
Olivia Grace went to Caroline's birthday party on Saturday. It was a poodle party, so of course Olivia Grace had to have a poodle skirt. Her MiMi made it for her. She looked absolutely precious in it! Olivia Grace had a wonderful time at the party. She loves spending time with Caroline. Caroline is now 1 year old!!

Happy Birthday
Jesus Party
This past Friday Olivia Grace's playgroup had a Happy Birthday Jesus party. There were tons of kids. She likes to play with the older children. We decorated sugar cookies and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Olivia Grace had a wonderful time getting together with all the kids. She did not want to leave.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Family Trip to Branson
This past weekend the entire Silvey family went to Branson (even in the snow). Friday night we went to the Dixie Stampede. We had a great time and Olivia Grace loved seeing the horses. Saturday we hit the outlet malls! It was too cold to see the lights Saturday night at Silver Dollar City, so we stayed in the car and got to see many Christmas lights. Sunday we went shopping again and then we headed out to Silver Dollar City. It was still REALLY cold, so we didn't stay too long. We had a great time being with family.

First Snow
This past Thursday we got our first snow in NWA. It was beautiful! Olivia Grace loved it! We took her sledding on Friday morning. She laughed as she went down the hill on the sled. We enjoyed spending this time with Olivia Grace our little "snow angel."

Olivia Grace
Carter Wayne
While we were in Little Rock for Thanksgiving, Olivia Grace just had to see her future boyfriend/husband. Not to mention Mommy just had to see her best friend. We met Jo Ann and Carter Wayne for lunch at Chili's (our favorite). Then we went to a new jewelry store in Little Rock. We picked out a gift for Jo Ann's birthday. We had a wonderful time together. We sure do miss our friends in Little Rock!!!!!