Sunday, July 08, 2007

This little sweet face could NEVER do anything wrong! Right!! This is the look she can give when she is being told not to do something. She is so sweet!!!

The Greenfield's
This weekend Rodney, Jo Ann, and Carter Wayne came and stayed at our house. We had a super time! Carter Wayne is walking now and is able to play more with Olivia Grace. It was like old times in Little Rock. We miss you guys so much!!!!

July 4th
We spent the 4th of July at the lake with MiMi, Papaw, Uncle Dustin, Aunt Kristin, and Uncle Allen. We had a lot of fun riding in the boat and of course tubing behind the boat. We went to a fireworks display in the boat on Tuesday night. Olivia Grace enjoyed seeing the fireworks, but wanted to be held close by her Mommy.

Daddy's Work Party
Last weekend we went to Brent's work party. We had a picnic, played games, and went swimming. The clinic had the Springdale Aquatic Center rented out. We had a lot of fun. Our friend Caleb went with us.