Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When we got home this afternoon, we found this HUGE turtle in our yard. Olivia Grace was amazed at how big it was. NO, we did not keep it as a pet!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we had a block party. Olivia Grace had a ball. Tons of kids from the neighborhood came. We put up the water slide and bounce house. The kids played all evening. We had a bunch of yummy foods and great burgers.

Oliva Grace had 2 birthday parties on Saturday. The first one was her friend Jonas. He had a dinosaur party. As you can see, Olivia Grace was a dinosaur looking for her dino eggs.
The second party was her friend Carina. She had a Mickey Mouse party. (no picts- forgot my camera at the first party). Happy Birthday Jonas and Carina!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Olivia Grace loves being with her Daddy. She is his little helper. Daddy loves his little girl. Yes, Daddy even gets in her baby bed with her. Her big girl bed has been ordered, so the baby bed days are limited.
Olivia Grace had her best buddies Caroline and Blakely came over to play yesterday. They always love dressing-up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday night we went to Mansfield to Uncle Dustin's gradutaion. We are so happy for him.
Olivia Grace went fishing at MiMi and Papaw's house last week. She was excited about the fish, but she didn't want to touch it.
We are VERY excited to announce that Olivia Grace is officially potty-trained!!!! Way to go Olivia Grace!

Today was Olivia Grace's last day at Mother's Day Out!! She had a wonderful year. She loved her teachers Ms. Ashley and Ms. Krissi. Next fall OG will go to MDO 2 days a week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh, how could I forget the iguanas. They were everywhere in St. Thomas!!!!!! I walked within inches of there mean looking mouths everyday. I was afraid they were going to reach over a bite me! They look so mean. Brent really enjoyed trying to scare me all week!

Brent and I spent the last five days in St. Thomas. We had a terrific time. We arrived in St. Thomas Saturday afternoon. The resort where we stayed was great. We had a room right on the beach. We spent Sunday being beach bums. Our goal was to not look like everyone else (fried). We did great and came back toasty brown. Monday we took a water taxi over to downtown to go shopping. Tuesday we went to Coki Beach so that we could go snorkeling. Wednesday we took a boat to St. John's. There we toured the island, went to a beautiful beach for snorkeling, and then went shopping. St. John's was my favorite. Then Thursday morning we woke up and laid on the beach for a couple of hours and then it was off to the airport. This was an awesome trip. I suggest all couple take time for themselves. Olivia Grace was well taken care of. She stayed with GiGi for a few days and then MiMi and Papaw kept her the rest of the week. We picked her up this morning and she was so excited to see her Mommy and Daddy. We did miss our little angel, but we did have an awesome time!!

Olivia Grace and I went to Little Rock 2 weeks ago. We got to see many of our friends (not all of them though). We went to the zoo on a field trip with GiGi's class. Olivia Grace got plenty of attention from the little first grade girls. Then we met Ashley and Tess for lunch. The girls had so much fun playing together. While we were in LR we got to see Jordan play a baseball game. We also went to see the Gaston's (Jaime, Evan, and Lillie). Our last friend stop was to see Anna Caroline and her new baby sister Lauren Elizabeth. It was a fast, fun trip.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today we met Blakely, Lilly, Caroline, Carlee, and Addison at the park for lunch. The girls had so much fun playing together. It is fun to watch them interact and talk to each other. They are great friends.

We met Keri and the girls (Caroline/Carlee) on the square for some spring pictures!

Olivia Grace loved playing with Nana, Pop, and Dukes.

Olivia Grace has loved being outside this week. She has been able to play with many of her friends.