Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Lake

Well I think Annalyse is going to be a lake girl just like Olivia Grace.  Friday evening was her first time in a life jacket and in the boat.  She did great!!!  So when it came time for us to go out on Saturday, I was wondering how she would be when it was hot and sunny.  But again, she did not ever cry!!!  Yeah!!!  That means we can enjoy the summer on the lake.  Olivia Grace loves the lake.  She got to tube and swim.  She kept telling Papaw to go FAST!!!!  The little "dare devil" also did a front flip off the back of the boat.  I was shocked.  She has no fear.  We did ask her not to do that again (just a LITTLE dangerous)!!!


Well, Friday was OG's last "regular" dance class.  They will be going on Thursday nights for 2 weeks until the recital.  So we took all the girls to the park for a picnic and play.  Olivia Grace says she doesn't want to do dance again.  This is her 3rd year.  I would love for her to continue, but if it isn't her thing I won't beg.  I will ask her one more time when the fall rolls around.  I like going every Friday because I have made some really great friends.  I always look forward to that hour of Mom talk.   

Love Them

My three favorite people!!!

Schools Out For The Summer

This past Tuesday was Olivia Grace's last day at Wee Care.  We went to Wilson Park to celebrate their last day of school.  Olivia Grace had a wonderful teacher (Mrs. Burris) this year.  They did so many neat themes throughout the year.  This was OG's 3 year to be in the UBC's Mother's Day Out/Preschool programs.  We loved every minute of it.  We will miss all of the teachers and staff. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cereal Time

Last night we gave Annalyse rice cereal.  She did OK.  I think we might have gotten a little down her.    Olivia Grace was so excited to be able to feed her.  You know feeding a real, live baby doll!!!

4 Months Old

That's right she is 4 months old!!!  Oh, Annalyse is getting so big.  Her little personality is showing (sweet like her big sister).  I have to say she is SO easy going.  I guess she has to be as much as we are on the go and as much as OG is in her face.  She just lights up when Olivia Grace talks to her.  Annalyse still has some "issues" in the car.  But I think she might be beginning to "tolerate" it a little better.  She loves to suck on her hands and clothes (and still her passy).  We've started sitting in her Bumbo (she likes it).  She prefers her tummy over her back.  We are still waiting on her to roll over.  This month she did start taking a bottle again!!!  Not really sure how much she weighs, but she is gaining because she is getting more and more sweet little rolls.  She will be going for her 4 month appointment soon.  Oh she is such a blessing!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Well I had a fabulous Mother's Day!  We started the day at church for Annalyse's baby dedication.  This was so meaningful on this special day.  I was so blessed to have Brent's family, my Mom, and my Grandparents there.  After church we came home for a great lunch.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!!!  I have been blessed beyond measure. 


Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer!!!  Saturday we headed to the Greenfield's for Sawyer's first birthday party.  It is so hard to believe he is already 1.  It is also hard to believe that he was in the hospital a week ago.  Poor little guy was just so sick.  But he is better now!!!!  Happy Birthday Sawyer we love you!!!!

The Chicks Are Gone

Well the chicks are now all gone.  We lost one several weeks ago.  We think a cat came into the garage and had a little snack.  Olivia Grace first said that it probably flew away, but Brent told her the truth.  She was fine with it and told everyone what had happened to her chick.  Well, yesterday something "got" the other chick.  It was a little sad, Olivia Grace was going to show Gigi, Mimi, and Mamaw her chick when we got home from church and when she went to show them it was gone.  She wasn't upset.  All she said was well I guess a cat ate that one too!! Well, I hope it was a good experience for OG.  She was always proud to show her friends her chicks and she had to take care of them.