Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Face

Yesterday Olivia Grace went across the street to Keelin's house. They decorated yummy cookies and had their faces painted. Olivia Grace had her face painted like a butterfly. Keelin had her face painted like a lion. Olivia Grace loved her face. She even had to wear it to dinner. By that point most of it was rubbed off, so her face looked dirty. Oh well, she liked it.

Baby Silvey's Nursery

Here is a sneak peek at Baby Silvey's nursery. Not that you can tell much from the picture. We are in the process of finishing up the paint job. The main wall is a bright lime green. The ceiling is a hot pink. The other 3 walls we are still working on. We want a lighter lime green, but are having a hard time finding the "perfect" color. They are painted, but don't know if we will keep them that color. Olivia Grace has LOVED painting. She told me that I was her and Daddy's painter helper. Imagine that!!! Yes, Baby Silvey will have a chandelier. It is lime green with really cute shades (I actually sewed them). I'll have to get a picture soon. So we are well on our way for Baby Silvey. NOW if we could agree on a NAME!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiloh Halloween Carnival

This was their favorite game. They had to use their tongue to find gun in the whip cream.

A couple of weeks ago Michelle and I took the kiddos to the carnival at Shiloh (school at our church). Olivia Grace was so excited to get to wear her costume. Caleb was an army soldier and Baby Noah was the cutest lion ever!! A miracle happened and we got out of there without a goldfish. The kids didn't even see that game!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Super Girl

Last week we met the Boyd girls for our annual Halloween pictures. The girls were too cute. Olivia Grace is Super Girl this year. She couldn't decide what she wanted to be. So I took her to Party City and let her pick. First she said Care Bear, but they didn't have her size. So we left with Super Girl. She runs around the house yelling, "Super Girl to the rescue!!" What a fun age!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Field Trip

Today Olivia Grace went on her first field trip. It was to one of the local fire stations in Fayetteville. Her class had been talking this month about fire safety. The kids were so excited. They had MANY questions and comments. Several were even afraid (not OG though). The kids learned to "GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!" We toured the engine and ladder trucks. Then we headed upstairs to their living quarters (learning experience for me too). At the end of the tour we watched the firefighters slide down the pole. Olivia Grace said that was her favorite part. Before we left one of the firefighters asked if anyone had a question (big mistake with 3 and 4 year olds). Well, OG spoke first! She didn't ask a question, she told him that she was going to be Super Girl for Halloween! So of course this led to 20 plus other kids telling what they were going to be. Too funny!!!

Last of Soccer

Tuesday was Olivia Grace's last soccer game/practice for the season. She will play again this spring. She did a great job! She learned the basic fundamentals of the game. We also found out that she can be "aggressive" on the field. Imagine that!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Party Picts

Birthday Paty

Cowboy Clown Shawn

Ponies waiting on their new owner!

Outfit made by a wonderful neighbor Kimberly!

This year Olivia Grace had a pony party (so thankful her mind got off of Chuck E. Cheese's). We went to a place close to Fayetteville that had a barn and ponies. It was just perfect. The weather was awesome and the kids loved it! They got to ride 4 ponies for an hour. Then we had stick horse races. Mimi made each child a stick horse. They were adorable. Thanks Mimi!! The kids had a ball racing around on their own horse. Then we had a cowgirl hat pinata. After that we had cupcakes and opened presents. And I cannot forget to mentioned we had the BEST cowboy clown in the world (aka Uncle Shawn). I will hire him out if the price is right!!!! He entertained and played with the kids and even made balloons for the kids. Thanks Uncle Shawn!! It was a great party with all of Olivia Grace's friends and family. Thanks everyone for making Olivia Grace's birthday so wonderful!! Happy Birthday OG!!!

Birthday Lunch

Well birthday lunch had to have candles too!!

Birthday Morning

Yesterday (October 3) was Olivia Grace's 4th Birthday. She woke up in such a good mood (doesn't always happen). She was so excited about turning 4 and having her party. She remembered from last year that I put candles in her pancakes. So of course we did it again this year. We cannot believe she is 4!! Time has just FLOWN!!! She is such a joy and blessing to our lives. We love you Olivia Grace.