Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Picts of Olivia Grace

Spring Break

Gigi and Cindi. They have been friends since grade school. Cindi did our wedding!

We went to the stockyards in Ft. Worth and watched them run the cattle through downtown.

Olivia Grace actually took this picture of us while we were having dessert. Not Bad!!

Olivia Grace loved yelling "choo choo" when we rode the train.

Olivia Grace loved feeding the birds.

This past week we headed to Dallas to end our 2 weeks of Spring Break. Gigi even went with us. She stayed at her friend (Cindi) house. She lives in Mansfield, TX. So we stayed in downtown Ft. Worth. Olivia Grace LOVES staying in a hotel (thanks Dean-O and Parker). She gets so giddy and excited when we first get to our room. And of course she LOVES the swimming pool. While we were there we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo. Great zoo, we highly recommend it. We had dinner with Gigi and 2 couple friends of my parents. We spent one day shopping. Then we had dinner with my friend Tina and her new husband Richard. We ate at Uncle Julio's. It was great food and really loud!!! Olivia Grace really liked Tina and Richard. She wanted to sit between them at dinner and she wanted to hold Tina's hand while we were in the parking lot. We slept in every morning while we were there. We even missed breakfast at Embassy one morning. What a bummer!!! Olivia Grace got to go swimming every morning and night. The last day we were there we did more shopping. We went to Ikea (could have spent a whole day there). We also had to go back to Sam Moon. You know me and a good deal!!!! We had a great time in Dallas! Spring break is over now and we are getting back to normal

Jordan and Aunt Ellen also came on their spring break. We had a great time together. One day we went to Ft. Smith to see Mamaw and Papaw. We also took them to see the new clinic and to the mall for some shopping.

Colton and Chandlan came to Fayetteville to spend the night with Olivia Grace on their spring break. They played from the time they woke up until they left each other. They play so well together. Olivia Grace and Colton are the two "bosses." Chandlan (aka Chan-Man) is the "go with the flow" type. They love each other so much.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Presley

Happy 1st Birthday to Presley!! Saturday we went to a fun party for Presley. The big kiddos had a tea party. The girls got to wear their tutu's and the boys wore top hats and ties. They were too cute! Presley loved her cake. We love you Preser and are so glad we are a part of your life!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Sweet Pop

This past Saturday we said good-bye to our sweet Pop. He was diagnosed with cancer last June. He gave it a good fight for 9 months. We will surely miss him, but we know he is in heaven with his Lord Jesus Christ. In his last few days of life he wanted to make sure all of his family was saved. I have been so blessed to have such a Godly grandfather. He has always been a devoted husband, father, Grandfather, and Great-grandfather.

I know Olivia Grace probably won't remember him when she gets older, but I hope through pictures she will have some memories. I am so glad we made it to Little Rock before he died. We were able to spend a few days with him while he was somewhat alert. Olivia Grace crawled up in his bed and gave him a kiss. I know that just blessed his heart.

A few cute things OG did this week in relation to Pop: On our way to the hospital she told me that she wasn't going to kiss Pop on the mouth because he was sick. She said she would just kiss him on the cheek. Also at the visitation, every time she would walk beside Pop in the casket, she would wave and say, "hi Pop!" We have talked about Pop being in heaven and she wanted to know why Nana didn't go with him. She also said that her and Jordan were going to heaven to see Pop. The mind of a child is just so sweet.

Please continue to pray for my Nana and Dad. I know it will be so hard on them. We will all miss Pop in so many ways!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Pictures

We got a few pictures of Olivia Grace this morning before we went to church. I just love our fountain when it gets really cold.

Happy Birthday Colton and Chandlan

Saturday Olivia Grace and I headed to Mansfield to celebrate the boys (Colton and Chandlan) birthday. They both have February birthdays. Colton turned 6 and Chan Man turned 4. As always Olivia Grace loved playing with her cousins and Uncle Dustin!! Happy Birthday Boys!

After the Olympics we all went to dinner. Then we came home so the kiddos could play. Carter Wayne went straight to OG's Dora vanity. If you know his Daddy, pretend you have never seen this picture. I don't think he would find this as funny and cute as Jo Ann and I did. It is always funny because the boys that come over to play always love the "girly" toys. Thanks JoJo and Carter Wayne for coming down. We missed Rodney!!
This is Brooks. He is one of Kristen's sons. She also has a 18 year old son too. Olivia Grace and Brooks have been buddies since we have moved to NWA. Please pray for the boys as the grow-up without their mommy.


Friday night JoJo (Jo Ann) and Carter Wayne came down to Fayetteville. We went to the FAC (Fayetteville Athletic Club) for a special event in honor of my dear friend and neighbor Kristen Madsen. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer in January. Some students from the university put on the Olympics for kids. All the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society in Kristen's honor. OG and Carter Wayne had fun playing the different games.