Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Annalyse Clarie Silvey

Annalyse has a middle name!! Brent and I have decided on Annalyse Claire.

Well, Annalyse Claire Silvey will be here in less than 4 days. We are still on schedule for Friday morning. My blood pressure continues to go up, so I am taking it "easy" these last few days. I prefer to wait until Friday, but it could be before. Olivia Grace is so excited about her baby sister. She has many questions. She asked the other day if Annalyse would come out my feet. Fortunately for me, I explained that the doctor would cut me open and take her out. She then asked what she would do next. I told her they would sew me up. She then remembered watching her Daddy sew cousin Chandlan's head up. So she could relate just a little. I am beginning to feel sad for OG. She has been my ONLY little girl and things are going to change VERY soon for her. But I know I am giving her the BEST gift I could EVER give her. I am very glad that I have had 4 years and 3 months with just OG. She has taught me so much about life and has blessed me beyond measure. I am super excited to meet Annalyse. Life is about to change again!!!

Due to the COLD weather, Brent has been unable to finish some of the furniture for the nursery. He has built a beautiful book shelf for Annalyse's room. I am so excited about it. Everything won't be completed before Friday, but I don't think Annalyse will mind at all. Many have asked to see pictures, but I will wait until everything is complete. I think it is going to be cute!!!!

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