Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Silvey

It is way pass time for me to update about Baby Girl Silvey. Yes, we are having another girl!!! I am now 19 weeks. I can't believe I am almost 1/2 way there. I have had another "easy" pregnancy. I mean I haven't been sick. Yes, I have been very TIRED!!
With this pregnancy we have been VERY fortunate to be able to have an ultrasound any time we want. Our wonderful Aunt Kristen (Brent's sister) does ultrasounds. So we have had around 10 or so (including the ones from our doctors). So we watch this baby almost on a weekly basis. She is VERY active! Imagine that! I guess she takes after her Daddy and Big Sister!!
We did have a "little" scare at around 12 weeks. They found that my yoke sac was measuring large. This could mean a sign of miscarriage or genetic disorder. So we opted to have a high-powered ultrasound (nuchal-translucency) just to ease our minds. Everything looked and measured great. Praise Jesus!!
So now it is time to decide on a name. If you know about naming Olivia Grace, you know we (Brent) have a difficult time doing this. So if you have any suggestions, I am open to them. It is also time to decorate!!! We have a lot to do in the next 20 weeks.
I'm not sure how well these pictures will turn out. The top picture is from week 17 and the bottom is from Tuesday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Branson Weekend

On Friday we decided to meet the Flaming's (Dr. Jay, Kellie, Anna Caroline, and Lauren Elizabeth) in Branson.

Friday night it was just the three of us. We shopped, ate, and swam at the hotel. Olivia Grace LOVES staying in a hotel.

On Saturday we met up with the Flaming's at Silver Dollar City. This was their first trip to SDC. OG and AC had a blast riding together on the rides. They rode everything they possibly could. Lauren Elizabeth was the most perfect 1 year old. She NEVER complained. She was a little trooper. The weather was absolutely wonderful (you usually won't catch me at SDC in mid-August, especially prego).

Thanks Flaming's for a great weekend. We miss you guys so much!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

City Girl Goes to the Country

City girl goes to the country and what does she learn? How to take air out of a tire using a stick. Her cousin Colton taught her this and thought it was so funny. I just have to say look out friends and neighbors!!


This picture was taken of Olivia Grace and Caleb last week. I thought OG looked so funny in her goggles (thanks Michelle). She is a mess!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blakely's 4th Birthday

Saturday we headed towards Mountainburg for Blakely's 4th birthday. Blakely is the first of Olivia Grace's friends that are turning 4. It is so hard to believe that our babies are growing up. They became friends when they were just around 9 months old. Anita threw Blakely a great party at the swimming pools at Lake Ft. Smith. After we got home OG decided she would like to have a swimming party. I like that idea better than Chuck E. Cheese's, but we will have to wait and see. Happy Birthday Blakely!!!


Olivia Grace is back into dance and gymnastics. This will be her 3rd year for dance and 2nd year for gymnastics. The doctor released her for gymnastics after her broken arm. She was very excited to be back in both.
In dance she is back in the same class. Many of her dance friends are back and some new ones (including her friend Timber).

Richardson Wedding

My cousin Rich got married at the beginning of August. He married a terrific girl named Hillary. The wedding was outside and it was very pretty. Olivia Grace got to spend some time with Maggie, Chloe, and Charlie (her 2nd cousins). I wish Rich and Hillary much love and happiness!

Girls Only Weekend

In July I had a Girls weekend. Yes, that is right!!!! No children and NO husbands (except mine had to work so I DID let him stay around). My dear friend Jaime Lott Gaston came from Benton (she had not been here since our move - it was past time!!!). She spent Friday and Saturday night with me. On Friday night we had a little past roommate and DZ sister reunion. Jo Ann, Jaime, and I were roommates in college (they by far were the BEST in the world). We met up with some of our DZ sisters ( Sara and Keri) for dinner. Then we headed for coffee and dessert. It was a terrific night catching up and reminiscing about our college days.
On Saturday Jaime, Jo Ann and I did some shopping!!! Then we met up with Brent for dinner (I know I broke the rule of GIRLS ONLY, but he paid.) Jaime and I had a great time just "talking." I know we both needed it!!
On Sunday before Jaime left, we went to have brunch. It was nice and fun for a change. Thanks Jaime for making the trip up to NWA. I had so much fun. We must do it again REALLY soon!

Summer Cowgirl

Summer cowgirl is what she was this evening in July. We went out to celebrate Uncle Allen's birthday. She made the choice to wear her new cowgirl boots. I told her, "whatever floats your boat girlfriend!"

Swimming Lessons

This summer Olivia Grace took swimming lessons at FAC (Fayetteville Athletic Club). The past 2 years we have always taken at Swim Ranch. I was really pleased with what OG learned. She was in the Jellyfish group (ages 4-6). Her lessons were 3 days a week (1 hour long) for 2 weeks. This was great because neither one of us got tired of going. Olivia Grace can now swim under water and go down the slide with no floats. She is becoming a BIG GIRL!! This week she even learned how to turn a front flip while we were at cousin Jordan's swimming pool. She loves to swim!

Swimming Pool

We spent many many hours at the pool this summer (after the cast was off). Olivia Grace is just a great little swimmer. She loves having friends at the pool to swim with her. Mommy does too! I don't have to "entertain!"

Silver Dollar City

Well, I guess it is time to play "catch-up" with our blog. I guess we have been really busy in July and the first part of August or it is that I have been lazy. Either way we have had a great summer.
Sometime in July we went to Silver Dollar City (one of those cool weekends). Mimi, Papaw, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Allen, Aunt Peggy, Teresa, and Rebekah joined us. As usual we had a great time. OG loves her some rides. We got to watch the Veggie Tales too.