Monday, June 30, 2008

Last night we had a great time at Pinnacle Hills Church (our church at a different location). They had food, baptism, music, and fireworks. We went with the Harts, Young's, Thurman's, and McCredy's. Olivia Grace had a blast having a picnic dinner and playing with her friends. When it came time for the fireworks Olivia Grace found her mimi (blanket). Half the time she had it over her head watching the fireworks through her mimi. The fireworks were beautiful.

Even though it was RAINING on Saturday, the Silvey clan STILL decided to go to the lake. We ate lunch under a covered picnic table. Then the sun began to shine (just a little). So we put Papaw's boat in the water (9 adults and 3 kiddos). As we pulled away from the dock the boat began to SMOKE!!!! To make a LONG story short, the boat was not running right. So Brent and Kristen thought they could swim the boat in. Right!! So then Brent tried to paddle the boat in. Right!!!! Finally Brent swam to the dock and got another boat to come tow us in. So needless to say we didn't spend much time out on the lake. We ended the day with dinner at our house. The kids had fun making smores over the fire pit. Olivia Grace always has fun with her cousins Colton and Chandlan.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Greenfield's came over last night for food and play. Olivia Grace always loves playing with Carter Wayne. We love your new haircut Carter Wayne and are so glad that you live in NWA!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This week Olivia Grace has been taking swim lessons at the Swim Ranch. She has done really well. She loves to doggy-paddle by herself. Her Daddy got the honor of swimming with her yesterday, so I got to watch and take pictures. Some of her best buddies have been taking lessons with her too: Anna Kate, Caroline, Carlee, and Jonas. They have all done a great job!
Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Daddy. Olivia Grace painted her Daddy some pottery. The funny story behind the pottery is: after we had painted the pottery, we were passing the pottery store the next day (with Brent in the car) and OG said, "I paint that for Daddy!" So she let the secret out, but he was still surprised. We are getting him a new cell phone that comes out in July, that will be his other gift for being the BEST DADDY EVER!!!!!! We love you so much!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Olivia Grace helped her Daddy build a swing set yesterday. They added it onto one side of her castle. They are ordering a slide to go on the other side. She was a good helper for her Daddy!

Friday night we went to Ft. Smith to celebrate Father's Day at Greatdad's. Olivia Grace had so much fun with her cousins Colton and Chandlan. She also got to love on her Papaw while she was there.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just taking a rest in my new bed!!!
Gigi bought Olivia Grace her first umbrella. She loves it!!! We use it when it is raining or even when the sun is shinning! Thanks Gigi! We had so much fun with you. Come back real soon!!!

We were so proud of our little dancer!!!

Olivia Grace loves being outside. She got a new water toy from her MiMi and Papaw for her dance rectial. Who knew you got presents for being in a dance recital. Her Daddy also enjoys the outside toys too!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, Olivia Grace is in her new big girl bed. I can't believe our baby is growing up. I was a little nervous about her sleeping in the bed all night. I thought we were going to have a visitor every night in our room, but I have been wrong thus far. The room isn't complete. We still need to do a few more things (pictures, paintings, shams from ebay, etc......). But for now she is in there and doing great!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Olivia Grace was in her first dance recital on Saturday. We were very proud of our little dancer. We thought she was too cute!!! She felt so pretty in her costume. Of course she had her fan club there (Gigi, Mimi, Papaw, Cousin Teresa and Rebecca, Barry, Michelle, and Caleb). Olivia Grace even got her first trophy for being in the recital. After the recital everyone came over for a cookout. It was a fun filled Saturday. There will be more pictures to come.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today Olivia Grace went to her first gymnastics lesson. She had fun. It is a little more difficult than dance. She is so much fun to watch. She is a ball of energy!!!! Just like her Daddy!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Today we hung out at the pool. The Boyd girls joined us today. The girls had fun splashing in the pool. I am sure this will be our hang out all summer.

This weekend we went to Little Rock. For Mother's Day we wanted to redo Gigi's flower beds. We all worked very hard all day Saturday and Sunday. Olivia Grace and Jordan loved playing in the dirt. I have to say that when we were finished it looked really good (thanks to Brent- of course!).

Last Thursday night we went to see Caleb at his school performance. It was a hoedown! Olivia Grace loved riding on the ponies. Caleb was a great turkey in the performance.