Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Several weeks ago Olivia Grace went to the pumpkin patch with her friends from the neighborhood. We had a blast running around the pumpkins. After the kids played we had a picnic lunch. Then we took our new pumpkin home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Also while we were in Little Rock we went to Jordan's birthday party. Jordan turned 6 on October 1st. His party was at River City Gymnastics. Olivia Grace had a ball. She had zero fear and could hang with the big kids. Happy Birthday Jordan!

While we were in Little Rock, Olivia Grace had a family birthday party. It was at Aunt Ellen and Uncle Stewart's new house. Both sets of Olivia Grace's great-grandparents were there. Dukes and GiGi were there too. And of course Cousin Jordan and Christy were there. Olivia Grace got a kitchen for her castle (which she loves). Nana made her a beautiful pillow. Jordan gave Olivia Grace a new library of books. We had a great day being with our whole family!!

While we were in Little Rock, we got to watch Jordan play football. Olivia Grace ran out onto the field many times (crying) because she wanted her Cousin Jordan. This meant that Mommy got to chase her in front of everyone! How nice!! We had a great time cheering Jordan on!

Olivia Grace turned 2 on October 3rd. We had a very busy day. We went to dance first. Then we met Daddy for lunch (Mexican- OG'S favorite). Olivia Grace had her 2nd birthday cake also. Then Mommy and Olivia Grace headed for Little Rock. We met GiGi at her school, where Olivia Grace loved riding her new bike on the parking lot. Happy Birthday Olivia Grace!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Birthday Party
This past Saturday was Olivia Grace's birthday party. She had around 60 friends and family members there. Miss Jules (the singing lady) came and sang with the kids. That was a lot of fun. Uncle Shawn was a clown that made one-of-a-kind balloon hats for the kids. MiMi painted faces and arms. We had 2 bounce houses for the kids to jump in. Not to mention the kids loved running in and out of the castle!! Olivia Grace had a terrific 2nd birthday!!

The Castle
Princess Olivia Grace now has a castle!! Her Daddy (with assistance from Mommy) made it for her birthday. We put in MANY long hours to have it completed by her party. Most of the outside was completed. The inside still has work to be done. She loves it!!

The Dancer
Olivia Grace is now taking dance. She started at the beginning of August. She loves it!! When you ask her what she does at dance she says, "hop!" Dance is once a week for 30 minutes. There are 2 other girls in her class. She loves to wear her tights and tutu. Next June will be their dance performance. We have a lot to learn before then!!