Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pulling Up

She is pulling up!!!  Olivia Grace went into her room last week before I did and she said, "Mommy she was standing up holding onto her bed."  I thought sure!!  Well Olivia Grace was right!! Annalyse is pulling up on just about everything she can (her bed, coffee table, my legs when I'm getting ready, etc...)  I just can't believe it. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Reptile Party

What a fun birthday party!!!  Caleb and Noah had their birthday party this past weekend.  I have to say it was so perfect for them both.  I have NEVER seen anyone love bugs, turtles, critters, etc.. more than the 2 of them.  So for their party they had the reptile man come and bring snakes, an alligator, and a huge spider.  Of course OG was not afraid of any of them (unlike her Momma).  Most of the kids loved holding the snakes and a few held the alligator.  Happy birthday Caleb (6 yrs) and Noah (3 yrs).  You both are so special to us!!

Summer Fun

The babies can swim too!!  Olivia Grace and many of her neighborhood friends love playing in the sprinkler and small pools.  Well, Annalyse does too!!  Her and Bradley loved splashing and chewing on some water toys.

Summer Birthday

We have been a little on the busy side lately.  We had Blakely's 5th and Lilly's 3rd birthday parties a few weekend ago.  It was a pool party, but it was thundering so the kids didn't get so swim.  I felt so sorry  for all of  the kids but they had fun just playing together.  It is so hard to believe our big girls are starting to turn 5.  Blakely is always the first of the birthdays.  October will be here before we know it!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss Busy Body

I think Annalyse is going to be a lot like her big sister!!  I have found her under the Exersaucer  several times.  She just can't get out from under it.  Little Miss Busy Body!!


Olivia Grace started Pre-K yesterday!!  This year she is going to Shiloh Christian (at our church).  She will be going 3 days a week from 8-3.  So a big change for all of us.  This year OG is wearing uniforms which makes getting ready pretty simple.  Last Friday Olivia Grace got to meet her teacher Mrs. Brunton and to see her room.  This made the first day very comfortable for her.  After we got her things put in the correct spot OG sat down at her table and began coloring a picture.  I think I would have stayed longer but OG didn't seem to need me and Brent gave me the "look."  I was so excited for 3:00 to roll around.  When I picked her up she had the biggest smile across her face.  She said she loved it!  She even began chanting Shiloh Saints!!  Of course she said she couldn't remember what they did, but throughout the afternoon she would "remember" things she did during the day.  She did say that she wanted to get a tray lunch in the cafeteria.  I knew that would start, so today she got to get a tray.  I just can't believe she is old enough to be in Pre-K.  I really will be sad next year when she will be gone every day.  It just starts a new chapter of our lives. 

The Lake

Tuesday Mimi and Papaw brought the boys up for a fun day on the lake.  We pretty much had the lake to ourselves.  The kids were either swimming or on the tube the entire day.  It was fun and relaxing!

Branson Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Branson.  Papaw and Mimi were going for the car show, so we decided to go too.  Saturday Brent and the girls went with Mimi and Papaw to a car show.  While they were there I went shopping (yes by myself and didn't buy ANYTHING/ random I know).  Saturday evening Brent and I took OG to White Water.  We had a great time and the weather was actually pretty nice.  Saturday night we went down on the strip to watch the show cars and ate ice cream.  The girls and I didn't attempt to make it to the midnight car parade.  Then on Sunday we went to Silver Dollar City.  It was hot, but not as hot as it had been.  Olivia Grace was so excited that she rode on the "big roller coaster" (Thunderation).  When she got off she said, "That was AWESOME!"  I didn't do well taking pictures.  Maybe I was too hot for that.

7 Months

Last Friday Annalyse turned 7 months old.  So hard to believe!  Now she is on the GO!!!  Last month she began sitting up on her own (which was so nice).  To get anywhere she would roll.  Now she is crawling!  This last week she got it!!  This morning she crawled from the living room to Olivia Grace's bathroom.  She doesn't want to miss ANYTHING!  She is still nursing and eating baby foods great.  We started a sippycup with water this last week (haven't gotten that down yet).  Annalyse still loves her bath.  I can't get her in there fast enough for her.  We are still working on sleeping through the night (I believe I said that last month).  Fingers crossed, maybe it will be this month! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 Month Pictures

I just LOVE this picture of Annalyse.  I had not made an appointment with anyone for Annalyse's 6 month pictures, so I asked Aunt Kristen to take some of her.  I have to say they are some of the very BEST pictures EVER!!!  I will post some more soon.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Visit To Little Rock

Last week the girls and I headed to Little Rock.  It was great to be at Gigi's house.  We had a great visit with many friends that we had not seen in a while.  Some of the things we did: lunch with Dukes; visiting the McGuire's and their new baby Laney; dinner with my childhood best friend Lindsey and my other 2 Mom's (Karen and Becky); lunch at Jaime's restaurant Touchdown Sally's; play time at the Hart's; lots of time with Gigi, Aunt Ellen, and Jordan; Annalyse got her first baby; 2 flat tires (yes I think it was sabotage). So a great week in Little Rock (well everything EXCEPT the flat tires). 

Monday, August 02, 2010

The Armstrongs

We are so sad!!!!  Our dear friends and neighbors have moved to Maryland.  We met the Armstrong's about 3 years ago when they moved to NWA.  Olivia Grace became friends with Kathleen and Emily instantly.  I became friends with their Mommy (Kimberly) instantly too.  Emily and OG were 2 days apart.  They played so well together.  So the last couple of weeks we have tried to cram in as much time together as  possible.  We are planning a trip to Maryland in the spring so we can see them.  We will miss you guys!!!