Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 Months

Annalyse turned 5 months old a little over a week ago.  She has grown SO much this month.  She has changed in so many ways.  She now can play in her ExerSaucer.  She loves it!!  She has found her toes and likes to put them in her mouth.  She has also found her ear (especially when she is tired).  The best thing is that she has learned to entertain herself with toys when she is riding in the car.  Not to say that we don't have our "moments" in the car, but it is MUCH better.  She learned how to roll over (both ways) about 3 weeks ago.  Olivia Grace always informs us when she rolls over.  Annalyse has pretty much decided that she likes to sleep on her side or her stomach (makes me nervous).  We are still working on learning to eat cereal.  She doesn't hate it, but she isn't wanting more!!
Annalyse did go in for her 4 month check-up.  She is healthy!!!  She weighed (at the time) 14.7 pounds and was 24 1/2  inches long.  She was in the the 50th percentile for weight and height. The shots were bad for just a second.  She does need to start working on sleeping through the night (haha).  I think that is more for my benefit!   
Oh we just love this baby girl!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"My Daddy"

"My Daddy"
By Thomas Simmons

When daddy signs his name
He Always writes "M.D."
That's so people all will know
That he belongs to me.
For "M.D." means my daddy,
Or something just the same;
And that is why he always
Puts these letters on his name.
Some letters on his name are small,
But these are not you see.
He always makes them big like that
Because he's so proud of me.

We think our daddy is the best!!!  Olivia Grace said she loved her Daddy because, "he goes tubing with me and comes to my dance recitals.  I love to dance with my Daddy!"  Happy Father's Day Brent!!!  All of your girls love you so much!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun on the Beach

Here are a few more pictures of our fun days on the beach.  As you can see it was pretty relaxing.  Olivia Grace was so excited to meet some girls to play with.  She had already told us that she was missing her friends. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seacrest, Florida 2010

Well, we made it!!!  We made it to Florida before the oil hit.  We were so afraid that we would get there and the beaches would be full of tar balls.  But it was beautiful white sandy beaches that we are always use to in Florida.  Gigi, Mimi, and Papaw went with us.  This made it VERY nice having extra hands to help with AnnalyseAnnalyse did GREAT!!!!  She did really good on the ride there and back.  It helped having Gigi or Mimi sitting back with her.  She did well on the beach too.  We had a large canopy and put her pack-n-play under it every day.
We stayed in a wonderful home.  The house was in Seacrest, Florida.  I think we have found an area that we will always stay around  HWY 30A.  Such a neat area and not commercialized.  The house had a fabulous porch that stretched across the back of it.  There were white rocking chairs and a huge hammock on the porch.  We spent many hours rocking and watching the waves.  Olivia Grace had a ball swinging on the hammock.  
Olivia Grace had a terrific time as always.  She loves building sandcastles with her Daddy.  As I was building one with her she informed me that her and Daddy always built beautiful ones (I guess I didn't meet her standards). 
It was a wonderful week.  I am so glad that Mimi, Papaw, and Gigi got to spend the week with us.  We just hope that the oil doesn't ruin such a pretty place. 
I will be posting more pictures tomorrow!!

Karen and Troy

Our dear friends Aunt Karen and Uncle Troy came to visit us for the first time since we have been in Fayetteville.  They have always been like 2nd parents to me.  They both just adore Olivia Grace and Annalyse.  The next time they come we want to spend the night with us and stay longer.  It was great to see you both!!