Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things to Pray for your Children

  1. Their salvation.
  2. Their mate.
  3. That they would fall in love with God's word.
  4. That God would keep them from the evil one.
  5. That they would have a conscience void of offense before God and man.
  6. That their character would be more valuable to them than their credentials.
  7. That they would stand up for what's right even if it means standing alone.
  8. That they would be kept from the love of money.
  9. That they would be kept morally pure.
  10. That they would have the heart of a servant.
  11. That eternity would burn in their hearts.
  12. That sin would always be distasteful to them and that they would be broken easily over sin.
  13. That they would love each other.
  14. That they would trust God with their parents and not allow rebellion to set in.
  15. Regardless the hardship, that they may never become bitter against God.
  16. That our boys would be glad to be boys and our girls glad to be girls.

Monday, February 23, 2009


We spent the entire weekend at the Furlow house painting. The Pediatric clinic is opening up a new well clinic. Brent and Dr. Furlow are on the planning/designing committee. So they ordered 35 or so prints from an artist named Walter Inglis Anderson. He is/was a watercolor artist. Well, if you order the prints black/white it is 1/2 the price, so that is how they ordered them. So ALL weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we painted. I have to admit, it was really fun and relaxing. Olivia Grace had such a wonderful time playing with the Furlow kiddos. The girls Mary Larkin and Emily are older, so they really babysat OG and the boys (Will and Luke). The girls were so great with Olivia Grace. They will make great babysitters some day. I will keep this is mind for sure. I think after tonight we will be finished. All the prints look EXCELLENT!!! I can't wait to see them up in the new clinic. If you live in NWA and go to the clinic you will get to see them. The new clinic is really neat and bright!!

Old Maid

Old Maid is what we play every single day. Olivia Grace loves the game. For Christmas we got OG this Disney game box. It has numerous games in it. I thought it was going to be too old for OG, but I was wrong!!! The 2 games she loves most are Old Maid and Go Fish. It is just amazing to watch her learn. She can sort the cards, deal the cards, and play her own hand. And she will let you know if you aren't playing correctly. We found her this really neat card holder. It is like a fan and holds all of her cards (got it at Target). Honestly we play ALL the time. If you come over to our house you play the game. If we go to Gigi's or Mimi's we take our cards. OG is so funny about the Old Maid. She thinks it is so funny who gets the Old Maid. When she gets it she makes this hysterical, shocking face. These picts are of OG playing with Mimi, Papaw, and Aunt Kristen on Friday. As soon as they walked in the door she was asking them to play with her. Thanks everyone for playing with OG!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Brent surprised us this weekend and took us on a "little" trip. I guess we can call it a trip even if it was only 30 miles from our house. We went to Rogers and stayed in a hotel. The Morris family also joined us. Olivia Grace was so excited about staying in a hotel and swimming in the pool. Olivia Grace, Parker, ans Presley swam as soon as we got there. Then we headed to Abuelo's for dinner. After dinner we had to visit the local Wal-Mart, because we forgot some things. As soon as we got back to our room OG started stripping. We asked her what she was doing and she said she was going to the pool. This wasn't what we really had planned, but we headed to the pool for a late night swim. Unfortunately I forgot my swimsuit (or maybe that was intentional), so I just got to watch the kids swim. Saturday morning we all slept in and then headed downstairs for a terrific breakfast (Dean's favorite part). Then we were off to Chuck E. Cheese's. Parker and Olivia Grace had a ball. After that we headed to the Promenade for a little shopping. Then it was back to the pool for one last swim before our V Day dinner at Bone Fish. It was a great get-away for Valentine's.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Party

Friday we went to the Boyd's for a Valentine Party. Olivia Grace loves playing with her friends. The kids had a great time playing, eating, and exchanging valentine's. Her friends: Caroline, Carlee, Parker, Presley, Blakley, Lilly, Anna Kate, Hayden, Timber, Meg, Ben, and Addison were all there. It was a great party. Thanks Keri and girls!!!


Olivia Grace's sweet Uncle Allen brought her a dozen red roses on Friday. Wow! What a Valentine. They are beautiful! Thank You Uncle Allen!!

She Did It!!

Well, Olivia Grace made it through the first night without wetting her bed. She woke up Friday morning and we were so excited. We did a little dance to celebrate. Friday night we weren't at home, so we didn't try. We didn't want to push it. Then Saturday night she fell asleep in the car, so we didn't push it again. But last night we were successful again. Maybe we are on a roll here. We will cross our fingers!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Olivia Grace

This week Olivia Grace has been working on not wetting her pull-up at night time. I told her that if she could go 4 nights in a row without wetting her pull-up, then she could sleep in her "big girl" panties. So every morning this week she has woken up and said "Mommy my pull-up isn't wet!" Of course she got a "little" incentive each day too! So tonight is the night! We will see!! I am keeping my fingers crossed. I really don't want to have to change sheets in the middle of the night. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


While we were in Little Rock we stayed at Gigi's new house. Thanks Gigi for a great weekend!

Pop's Birthday

Saturday after Jordan's game we met Dukes, Nana, and Pop for lunch in NLR. We were celebrating Pop's 81st Birthday. We were so glad that Pop was feeling up to meeting us for lunch. He started a new chemo this past Monday and has been pretty sick. We are continuing to pray that he is able to be as comfortable as possible. We love you so much Pop!! Happy Birthday!!

Jordan's Basketball Game

This weekend we headed to Little Rock. On Saturday we went to see Jordan play his basketball game. He did a great job! We even saw him make a basket!!