Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving in Little Rock
Olivia Grace and Mommy went to Little Rock on Friday. Daddy had to work Friday and Saturday, so he couldn't go. Olivia Grace loved spending time with her Cousin Jordan, GiGi, Aunt Ellen, Uncle Stewart, Mamaw and Papaw.

Thanksgiving Day
We spent Thanksgiving Day with the Silvey's at the cabin. We had a great time in the woods. Olivia Grace enjoyed playing with her two cousins.

Using a Straw
Olivia Grace is now drinking from a straw. She got to have a juice box on Thanksgiving. She thinks she is big stuff!

Going Hunting
Olivia Grace and her Mommy went on their first and last hunting trip Thanksgiving Day. Mommy rode in the back of an old hunting jeep with Olivia Grace, Cousin Chandlan, and Cousin Colton. The dirt roads (trails) were so rough and we didn't even see a deer. At least we can say we tried!

New Car Seat
Olivia Grace got her "big girl" car seat last week. She really likes it and she likes to face forward. Mommy isn't so sure she likes it though. Olivia Grace is just a "little" more demanding for things that she can now see. For example, when Mommy takes a drink of her Diet Coke Olivia Grace thinks she should have a drink too.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Daddy's Little Helper
Olivia Grace was a big help to her Daddy on Sunday. We have a new 12 foot Christmas tree this year. Olivia Grace liked to be right in the middle of things (of course!). We were able to get the lights on the tree, now we must decorate.

Christmas Parade
Olivia Grace went to her 1st Christmas parade Saturday night. We went with our friends Barry, Michelle, and Caleb. Fayetteville had a parade and downtown lighting on the square. Olivia Grace enjoyed seeing all the lights and people. She even saw her first glimpse of Santa Clause. HO! HO! HO!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Olivia Grace's Crazy Daddy
Not only did Olivia Grace dress up for Halloween, but her Daddy did too! He wore this attire to the clinic on Halloween. He did say he took the wig off when seeing his patients. This outfit was a last minute decision (imagine that with the Silvey's), but it won him "funniest costume" at work. Most of the nurses and a few doctors dressed up. Believe it or not Olivia Grace was not scared of her Daddy. She is use to him being silly with her!!! She LOVES her Daddy!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween Party
Olivia Grace went to her first Halloween party. The party was at Caroline's house. Her friends Blakely and Anna Kate were also there. Many other kidos stopped by too. The girls got to go trick-or-treating in wagons. They had a great time and their parents did too!!

Halloween Pictures At the University

Olivia Grace and Caroline had so much fun getting their pictures taken on campus. It was a beautiful afternoon and the trees were breath taking. Olivia Grace was a "Love Bug" and Caroline was a chick. They were too cute! We turned many heads on campus that day. I have learned that it is hard to take pictures of a "moving target." Olivia Grace is very independent and wants to walk everywhere!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Little Rock Birthday Party
Olivia Grace had a 1st year birthday party in Little Rock. She had a wonderful time and got to see many of her friends. The party was at her GiGi's house. Her friends that came were: Carter Wayne (future boyfriend/husband), Savannah, Anna Caroline, Lillie (5 weeks old), Kennedy Kate, Cameron, Tess, and Cousin Jordan. Many of her Mommy and Daddy's friends also came. Our Nana and Pop (my Dad's parents) came. She got many neat presents. We have been playing with them all. She had the same Princess birthday cake that she had at her Fayetteville party. However, we did not do the "smash" cake again. Olivia grace had a tremendous 1st birthday.

Ballgame Weekend
Jordan finally decided the hog nose was OK!!! Olivia Grace loves to wear her Razorback cheerleading uniform!! They are too cute!! Olivia Grace says, "GO HOGS!"

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss
GiGi, Jordan, Aunt Ellen, and Uncle Stewart came to visit when Arkansas played Ole Miss on October 21st. This was Ellen, Stewart, and Jordan's first trip to Olivia Grace's new house. This was also Jordan's first Razorback football game to go to. Jordan even wore his Hog Nose that Aunt Leslie bought him. We had so much fun together. Olivia Grace loves her cousin Jordan. We can't wait for them to come visit again!!!

Girls At the Park
Olivia Grace and Caroline enjoyed swinging at the park. Their Mommy's also enjoyed the beautiful weather and adult conversation.

GiGi came to visit for Olivia Grace's birthday. Olivia grace wanted to pose for a picture in her new car.