Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm

We did survive the ice storm this week. It started raining/icing on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon we lost power. Fortunately Brent has 4 wheel drive on his new truck, so we were able to get out. We drove around looking at all the trees that had fallen. We were lucky our neighborhood is new so we didn't have to worry about nice big trees falling on our house. So Tuesday night we slept in the living room on our mattress in front of the gas logs. Olivia Grace thought this was so much fun. In the mean time, Brent had to leave Tuesday night in the middle of the storm to go and help one of his partners family. Their basement was flooding, so he had to help. This is a picture of what he had to drive and walk through. Olivia Grace and I stayed down at the Young's until midnight. After sleeping in on Wednesday morning we ventured out again. The roads began melting but many businesses and homes still did not have power. By 2:00 Wednesday afternoon we had power again. We are VERY thankful we got power so quickly. We know many homes (Aunt Kristen/Uncle Allen included) still are without power!!

Happy Birthday Mimi

This past Friday Olivia Grace got to go to Aunt Amy and Uncle Shawn's to spend the night with the boys (Colton and Chandlan). This was a wonderful treat for OG and Mommy! Thanks Amy!! On Saturday afternoon Brent and I went down to Mansfield so we could have a "surprise" party for Mimi. She probably figured it out, but we had a nice party for her anyway. Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year's Eve

Olivia Grace and I stayed in Little Rock the week after Christmas. We helped Gigi move into her new house. It was a bitter/sweet move. That was the house I grew up in. There were a lot of memories in that house. But change is good!!! Gigi moved into a brand new house that is very close to Ellen and Jordan. We are very happy for her. For New Year's Eve we went over to the Bryant's house. It was great to see many friends. I got to spend the evening with Lindsey (we grew up together) and her family. We missed our Daddy on New Year's Eve, but he had to work. I didn't take any pictures of Gigi's new house (I worked the entire time), but I took some of us on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas in Beebe

The Saturday after Christmas we headed to Little Rock. We spent Sunday in Beebe with Dukes, Nana, and Pop. We will always treasure this Christmas. Pop is still struggling with lung cancer. It has continued to worsen in the lung, but has gotten a little better in the bones. The doctors haven't given him much time, but if Pop is up to it he will be here next Christmas. We are praying for his comfort with what time he does have left. Aunt Ellen helped Nana and Dukes with some super gift ideas. Olivia Grace now has the Fancy Nancy doll, matching outfit, tutu, purse, sunglasses, and book. Great idea Aunt Ellen. Thanks Nana and Pop, and Dukes. We love you so much!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas in Ft. Smith

After spending Christmas morning at our house, we loaded up and headed to Ft. Smith. Olivia Grace was so excited to see her Gigi and Mamaw and Papaw. Olivia Grace's 2nd cousins Maggie, Chloe Jean, and Charlie were also there. The kids had so much fun playing games and babies. The next day Aunt Ellen and Jordan came. Olivia Grace always loves playing with her JorJor. Friday afternoon the weather was beautiful, so we took all the kids to the park.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Morning

Olivia Grace riding in her new jeep on Christmas morning!!

Christmas Morning

Olivia Grace really didn't know what to think when she woke up and saw what Santa had brought her. Brent and I said, "Olivia Grace Santa brought you a cool pink jeep." Her response was, "that isn't a pink jeep, that is a brown jeep." Brent and I nearly died!!!!! All the work Santa and his helper elf had put into making that jeep pink!! In her defense it was a little dark and only Christmas tree lights on. However as soon as we took it outside she could see that it was pink. She LOVES it!!!! She took her Mini Mouse on a ride with her. She is so good at driving it. It is hilarious watching her turn her music on and driving all over the place. She drives, turns, and throws it into reverse. And of course it is "high" gear. It was just too slow for her in low gear. It is funny when she brings her purse and cell phone in her jeep. She also likes to have her a "diet coke" in her cup holder. I don't know where she gets that from!!! ha ha! Santa also brought OG a few other things, but they were not near as cool as the jeep.

Christmas Morning

Santa Clause came to see Olivia Grace again this year. She had asked him several times for a pink jeep. As always good old St. Nick pulled through another year. "He" did not bring your typical girly pink jeep. "He" brought a custom painted pink jeep. "He" wanted OG to have an off-road pink jeep. Santa found out that his elves don't make "pink" off-roading jeeps. So "he" and his little elf (Uncle Shawn) took a blue Jeep Hurricane to "their" workshop and painted it with pink automotive paint. So OG now has a one-of-a-kind jeep!!! That Santa Clause is just too kind!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Silvey Christmas

I have to admit that I did not take that many family pictures this year. I will do better next year!

Silvey Christmas

I just had to include this picture of Uncle Dan. Mimi had several games for us to play and this was one of the fabulous prizes. You would have to know Uncle Dan in order to see the great humor in this picture.

Christmas Story

Papaw always reads us the Christmas story before we open presents. This is always a special time for us. Thanks Papaw for always being such a Godly man. We love you!

Cookies for Santa

Olivia Grace and the boys made reindeer cookies for Santa. I think they ate most of them though. Mimi made each of the kids a Christmas apron this year. Thanks Mimi!

Silvey Christmas

There is always just a "few" presents for the kiddos at Mimi and Papaw's house. We usually have to take a break when it is present time.

Greatdad and Nana

Greatdad (95 years old) and Nana came for Christmas. We always count it a blessing to spend Christmas with them. Nana even did her own shopping for each of the great-grandkids. The girls (OG and Rebekah) got baby dolls and the boys got big trucks.

Silvey Christmas

On Christmas Eve Eve we headed to Mansfield for Papaw and Mimi's house. We always celebrate Christmas with the Silvey clan on Christmas Eve. Olivia Grace has so much fun with her cousins Colton and Chandlan. They play from the time they see each other until it is time to go to bed.

Christmas at the Young's

The Young's had us over to celebrate Brent's birthday and Christmas. We had a delicious meal and the kids gave each other their Christmas presents. OG loves Caleb and Baby No (Noah).

Daddy's Birthday

OK now I will play catch-up on our blog. We celebrated Brent's birthday on December 21st. Our wonderful friends Rodney, Jo Ann and Carter Wayne came over for dinner and cake. Happy Birthday Brent. We love you!!