Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Branson With Mimi and Papaw

Over Spring Break Papaw and Mimi took the 3 big grandkids to Branson.  Olivia Grace could hardly stand waiting until they got to our house to pick her up.  They went to see the Noah's Ark play.  They said is was wonderful.  The kids paid close attention to the story. They loved seeing all of the animals.  They stayed in a hotel so they got to go swimming.  The next day before they headed home they went to play putt-putt. Thanks Mimi and Papaw for a great trip!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend Gigi, Aunt Ellen, and Jordan came to see us.  We had a great time, even though the weather was stinky!!!  Saturday we had planned on going to Razorfest, but the rain put a damper on that.  We did manage to make it to the Red/White game.  We met up with the Greenfield's at the game too.  Annalyse made it to her first Razorback game too.  She was in her Razorback outfit but by the time the game rolled around she was soaking wet from spit-up and drool.  But at least we got some cute pictures in their new shirts before. 

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, I have lost my mind.  Or I guess you can say it was a "weak" moment.  But our family has grown.  We now have two chicks (Micky and Minnie).  They are from Farm Friends.  Our dear neighbor was going to get her daughter some last night and wanted to know if OG wanted any.  I first said we would take a duck because we could put it out in Mimi and Papaw's pond, but they had already taken them home.  So we ended up with 2 chicks instead.  So Brent made a trip to Wal-Mart late last night for a heat lamp.  I really didn't think they would make it through the night , but they DID!!  So now, what do you do with chicks? Yes, they are cute now, but they get larger and they poop.  We don't really have a plan with what we will do with them when they outgrow their plastic tub. I know for sure I don't want them for their eggs or for friend chicken!! I guess for the mean time OG is excited about them!!   

Field Trip

Yesterday Olivia Grace's school went on a field trip to Farm Friends.  It was so neat!!!  We got to see so many animals.  OG got to milk a "pretend" cow.  She even got to brush a goat.  It was such a great learning experience.  Highly recommend going next year if you live in NWA.

Busy Saturday

This past Saturday was a very busy day for the Silvey family.  We started off with Ava Claire's 2nd birthday party.  The kids had a blast playing in a huge inflatiable catepillar.  Olivia Grace did not want to leave.  Happy Birthday Ava Claire!!!
After the party is was off to Olivia Grace's last soccer game of the season.  She got a soccer medal that she is so proud of.  Not sure if she'll want to do soccer again next season, but she enjoyed it this year.
After soccer it was off to Anna Kate's 4th birthday party.  She had an ice cream party.  The kiddos had fun making their own yummy sundae.  Happy Birthday Anna Kate!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Annalyse's Nursery

Well we are finally finished with Annalyse's nursery.  I am so happy with the way it turned out.  When we first started thinking about a nursery I knew I wanted something BRIGHT.  With Olivia Grace's nursery we went the soft pink and chocolate route.  After I found the bedding a wonderful/talented friend Pam came up to help me with some decorating ideas.  She is an interior decorater for a very prominant family in LR.  She gave me so many great ideas.  So a big thank you to Pam!! You're the BEST!!!  I guess I am most proud of the bookshelf that Brent made.  Pam gave us an idea of what would look good and Brent went with it.  He drew out his plan and built it.  I think it is just wonderful.  Between the two shelves is a toybox/book nook. Mimi made the curtains.  She did a fabulous job, as always.  Thank you Mimi!!! Brent did all of the labor and I did all of the shopping!!!!   We hope that Annalyse likes it someday too!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nursery Artwork

This is the artwork that is in Annalyse's nursery.  My friend Keri painted the canvas for the door.  She came to the hospital after Annalyse was born to write all of her information on the canvas.  I got so many compliments from everyone at the hospital. It is just what I wanted. Thank you so much Keri!!
Brent and I made the initial board that hangs above Annalyse's bed.  My dear friend Pam gave us the idea.  Brent cut out the letters for me because I couldn't find any that were large enough.  We painted them lime green and add a little bling to them.  I am so happy with the way it turned out.
My dear friend Jaime painted the ballerina legs for me.  I sent her a picture via cell phone of a painting I had found a year ago at a children's boutique in Alma.  I have to admit the picture wasn't good, but she did a fabulous job.  I just love it!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 months old

Oh I just love this little girl!! I cannot believe she is 3 months. She is just perfect. Yesterday we were at the clinic and she weighed 12.5 pounds. She is getting a few little rolls. She no longer has little chicken legs. She still does not like the vehicle. I don't think it is the car seat, because she doesn't mind sitting in it at other times. It is when the car is in motion that she cries. I don't know why, but I sure do wish we could figure it out. You know we are in the car a lot of the time and a screaming baby is not good for the stress level. Annalyse is beginning to reach for things at times. She's trying to figure out how those little fingers work. She also likes her "silky." She will suck on it and her bibs. Nursing is actually going well (did not with OG). However, she does not like taking a bottle now (not good). I have got to start trying a bottle with her more often. It just has been easy nursing her. That is something we will work on this month. This past Sunday she stayed in the nursery for the first time. She did really well!! Annalyse is sleeping in her bed now. She has done really well. Olivia Grace is just as crazy about her as we are. She has been so much fun to watch with Annalyse.

Spring Soccer

Olivia Grace played spring soccer this year. She enjoyed playing again. Can hardly believe it will be over this Saturday. I think her next sport is going to be tennis. She says she wants to do gymnastics and tennis this summer.


On Wednesday we headed to Branson. We had a "front row" seat to the water/light show at Branson Landing. We had a balcony that overlooked the show from our room. Olivia Grace loved sitting out there and watching the shows. She almost liked it as well as swimming in the pool. It so happened that I forgot OG's swimming suit. So Brent had to run downstairs to buy one. Like the girl needed another swimsuit. I also "happened" to forget mine (intentionally)!!!!
Olivia Grace still just loves a hotel!! After a big breakfast on Thursday we headed to Silver Dollar City. The weather was just wonderful. We had a great time riding the rides. We also saw an amazing acrobatic show from China (it is World Fest right now). It was unbelievable!! Annalyse did great. They have nursing rooms at SDC, which made it nice for feeding. It was just a great day!!!

A day at Papaw and MiMi's

This past week Brent was on vacation. So on Monday we headed to Papaw and MiMi's house. The boys don't go to school on Monday so it was perfect for the kids to play. We did a little of everything. The kids hunted for Easter eggs (the boys had already hidden them when we got there). Then we headed to the pond for a little fishing and paddle boating. Brent told me they already had gotten worms. I assumed that meant they went into "town" and bought some. No, I was wrong OG told me they dug for them under cow poop!!! No, I'm not kidding!!!!!!! It was a beautiful day to spend time with our family.

Friday, April 09, 2010


After church and lunch we all headed to see Dukes. He was also having a Sip-n-See for our family to meet Annalyse. It was a bitter/sweet time. I had not been to Beebe since my Nana had passed away. She would have loved to meet Annalyse. The last phone call I had with her was to tell her I was pregnant. She was so VERY excited. So this sip-n-see was for her. She would have wanted to "show off" her newest great-granddaughter. It was a fun time seeing family and friends. Thanks Dad for a great day!!