Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter morning Olivia Grace woke-up to a few little "goodies" in her Easter bucket. Her cousin Jordan gave her the idea that if you just point to things that you want, the Easter bunny will bring them to you. She didn't get just everything that she pointed to, but I (the bunny) did pay attention to a few things.

We headed to church to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Olivia Grace looked pretty cute in her new dress. I think she felt pretty cute as well. At the end of last Easter I bought OG Resurrection Eggs. They tell the story of the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. So for 6 nights Olivia Grace got to open 2 eggs. We talked about what she found in each egg. This gave us the chance to talk to Olivia Grace about the true meaning behind Easter. I highly recommend these eggs to everyone.

Even though the weather was HORRIBLE, we enjoyed a great Easter!!

Easter at Mimi and Papaw's

We spent Saturday at Mimi and Papaw's house for Easter. The kids had a ball! Papaw bought the kids a paddle boat. Yes, that is right. I said that I would not get in it, but when OG said, "Please Mommy ride with me," I couldn't resist. We also rode on one of the 4-wheelers (not recommended by your pediatrician). As you can see, OG had a heavy-duty helmet on. We also had our annual kids Easter egg hunt and then we had the adult Easter egg hunt. Everyone had a wonderful day and the weather was just perfect!

Easter Eggs

Saturday morning we dyed our Easter eggs. Olivia Grace loves this every year. We have found that if you use the brown eggs, they are bolder/brighter colors.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Party

Friday we had an Easter party. Due to the yucky weather we had to have the egg hunt in the house. The kids didn't seem to mind. We had pizza, cupcakes, and a lot of candy!! Thanks everyone for coming!

Easter Bucket

Olivia Grace got a new Easter bucket this year. My dear and wonderful friend Jaime made it especially for OG. Jaime makes buckets for all occasions (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, teacher gifts, etc....) Her blog is She will fix you up with an adorable bucket. Thanks Jaime!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Gigi

Today is Gigi's birthday. This past weekend we headed to Little Rock (Benton) to celebrate Gigi's "BIG" birthday. Saturday we had a brunch for her and 40+ of her friends. We had it at Gigi's new house. It was just lovely. The weather couldn't have been prettier. It was a garden theme and we had tables set up in the backyard. The food was yummy and the cakes were heavenly. Cindi (from Dallas) made 3 of Gigi's favorite cakes (German chocolate, chocolate with raspberry, and white wedding cake with raspberry). Happy Birthday Gigi! We love you!

3 1/2

Olivia Grace turned 3 1/2 this last Friday (April 3rd). It is so hard to believe she is getting so old. She is a true blessing from God. Our prayer is that she will grow to be a healthy, loving little girl that loves Jesus.
Olivia Grace is involved in dance and gymnastics. She has just moved up to a new gymnastics class that has 4 and 5 year olds. I know she will learn so much from the older girls. In dance she is learning her dances for her 2nd dance recital that is in June.
Olivia Grace is a "very" active little girl. Everyone that doesn't get to see her on a daily basis always ask if she ever stops. My response is always, "when her head hits the pillow at night." She isn't much of a nap taker. We like to call it a rest. She does "rest" for a few minutes.
Some things OG really likes to do at home are: play Old Maid and Go Fish; play tag with Mommy and Daddy (yes we run in our house); play hide and seek; have friends over to play; ride her jeep; ride her bike.