Monday, May 25, 2009

Sawyer Greenfield

Sawyer Greenfield was born on Tuesday, May 19th. He is adorable!!! He looks just like his big brother, Carter Wayne, did when he was born. His Mommy, Jo Ann, is doing great. Carter Wayne is adjusting well to having his new little brother. Congratulations Rodney and Jo Ann!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Keelin

Tuesday night we went to Keelin's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Olivia Grace always loves going to Chuck E. Cheese's. The kiddos played on tons of rides and games. They loved dancing on stage when Chuck E. came out to sing Happy Birthday to Keelin. Happy Birthday Keelin!!

Cinco de Mayo

Uncle Dustin had a birthday on Cinco de Mayo. So we headed to Ft. Smith to celebrate his 19th birthday. Olivia Grace had fun eating dinner with her cousins. They always have fun acting silly. It was great to see Dustin on his birthday. Olivia Grace also got to see her Mimi and Papaw and the rest of the Silvey clan. Happy Birthday Uncle Dustin!!

The Hart's

Our dear friends, the Hart's, are moving to Little Rock. They were one of the first couples that we met in our neighborhood when we moved to Fayetteville. We will miss them so much. Olivia Grace adores Claire and loves to "baby" Cooper. Fortunately we will get to keep up with them when we go to Little Rock. We love you guys and wish you the best!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Branson With the Boys

Last weekend we headed to Branson with Shawn (Shaneva), Amy, and the boys. The kiddos had a blast swimming in the swimming pool. It was an indoor/outdoor heated pool. OG thought that swimming outside in the dark was really neat.

On Saturday we headed to Silver Dollar City. Believe it or not, Olivia Grace isn't afraid of ANY of the rides. She will ride on whatever they will let her on. Surprised? She said her favorite rides were the big ship and the swings.


Olivia Grace went to visit Greatddad last Friday. Brent's grandfather is 96 years old. He has not been doing great the last month or so. He just returned home from a rehab facility. Hopefully he will do well at home where he is the most comfortable.

Gigi's Visit

That same weekend as the birthday parties, Gigi came to Fayetteville. She came up to see us and to go to a wedding with me. It was a quick trip for Gigi, but Olivia Grace still got her time.

Birthday Parties

I am trying to play catch-up in my blogging. A few weeks ago Olivia Grace had two birthday parties to go to. We first went to Claire's birthday party. It was at a local paint your own pottery place. Olivia Grace loved painting a fish. Claire turned 6 years old. Happy Birthday Claire.

We headed to Anna Kate's birthday next. It was an "under the water" theme at her house. Her mommy did a great job making it so cute. Anna Kate turned 3 years old. Happy Birthday Anna Kate!!