Monday, May 07, 2007

Silvey Family
This past weekend the entire Silvey family went camping in Branson. Olivia Grace LOVED being with her cousins Colton and Chandlan. We went to Silvey Dollar City during the day and at night we went to Celebration City. Olivia Grace surprised us and rode on rides. The boys made sure she was safe on all of them. Olivia Grace was a little trooper. She stayed up until 10:30 both nights and didn't have her usual 2 hour nap each day. We had a terrific time together.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Olivia Grace loves to wear a hat. I never thought that day would get here. She is even letting me put a ponytail and bow in her hair. I am really excited about the bow!!!
Tea Party
Olivia Grace loves having a tea party. She even dresses up and wears her beads to the party. She is really into pretending. Mommy has to attend all of her parties. She is a great hostess.

Baby Shower for Carlee
Saturday night we had a baby shower for the Boyd's at our house. Mila, Anita, and Amanda helped with everything. We had a wonderful cookout! Everyone had a great time (especially the kids). Baby Carlee got many neat gifts. We can't wait for her arrival.

Happy Birthday Claire

On Saturday, Olivia Grace went to Claire's birthday party at Pump It Up! Olivia Grace loved it. She has absolutely NO fear. She loved going down the big slides and jumping in the bounce houses. Next time Daddy has to go. Mommy got tired of climbing up the slide over and over again. Happy Birthday Claire!