Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today Olivia Grace finally got to play with Noah. Ashley and I had been trying to plan a time to play since last June. Not really! But we had a great time. Let's do it again real soon.
San Diego
Brent and I went to San Diego this past weekend. And of course, I forgot my camera. I couldn't talk Brent into buying a new digital camera, but he was so kind to buy me a "throw away" camera. So we will put those pictures up as soon as they are developed. GiGi came and stayed with Olivia Grace Friday through Sunday. MiMi and Papaw kept her Sunday and Monday. She had a BLAST and got plenty of attention.

Thanks Kristen and Allen
Aunt Kristen and Uncle Allen were soooo sweet when they gave Olivia Grace a poodle cupcake. No it wasn't a WHITE poodle, it was a poodle with BLACK icing. The poodle was almost as cute as Olivia Grace's face after she ate it.

Daddy's Girl

A Really Cool Chick
Olivia Grace loves her new sunglasses. She got new glasses for Easter. She wants to put them on all by herself. This time she put them on the correct way! She is a hoot!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Puppy Love

Last night we went to Ft. Smith for a surprise party for Nana (Brent's grandmother). Uncle Dustin brought one of his new hunting dogs along with him. It was a big hit with Olivia Grace. She loves dogs. She even tried biting the puppy's tail. I am not sure why! Olivia Grace had a blast getting to play with her cousins Colton and Chandlan. Happy Birthday Nana!

Easter in Mansfield
Olivia Grace got more Easter goodies from her MiMi and Papaw!! We had a great lunch and egg hunt. The kids had their own egg hunt. Then the REAL egg hunt began with the adults. We had a terrific time fighting over the prize eggs!!!

Easter Morning
Olivia Grace looked so beautiful Easter morning. She liked her new dress. We went to church at Geyer Springs (we miss it). After church we headed to MiMi's and Papaw's in Mansfield.

Taking time to smell the beautiful flowers!

Easter Egg Hunt
Jordan and Olivia Grace hunted eggs at GiGi's house on Saturday. Olivia Grace was finally getting the hang of what an Easter egg hunt is all about.

Happy Birthday GiGi
Easter sunday was GiGi's birthday. We had her a party on Saturday. We had her favorite for lunch - BBQ!! Happy Birthday GiGi! We love you!!

Jordan's Soccer Game
Saturday morning we went to cheer Jordan on at his soccer game. It was FREEZING cold! Olivia Grace didn't last long out in the cold. Jordan is a great soccer player. Stewart is his soccer coach. Way to go Jordan!!

Anna Caroline
Olivia Grace got to see her friend Anna Caroline on Friday night. Anna Caroline is so much fun to play with. She has great toys!! We miss you Jay, Kellie, and Anna Caroline.

Back to Little Rock
Last weekend we headed back to Little Rock for GiGi's birthday and Easter. Friday night Olivia Grace stayed with Karen and Troy, so that Mommy and Daddy could go out with some friends. Olivia Grace got plenty of attention.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Today Olivia Grace went on her first Easter Egg Hunt. She really didn't get into it like Mommy wanted (imagine that). She had fun running around all over the place. Her friends that were there were: Caroline, Parker, Meg, Sam, and Olivia (a new friend). We had a picnic lunch and then hunted for eggs. It was a little on the CHILLY side today, so we didn't stay long!

Before we headed back to Fayetteville, Olivia Grace and I went to see Nana, Pop, and Dukes in Beebe. Nana made a wonderful lunch. Olivia Grace and Jordan loved playing out in the fields. They love the country (they are FREE to run)! Aunt Ellen, Uncle Stewart, and Christy were also there.

Bye-Bye GiGi
On Sunday we had to say good-bye to GiGi. Olivia Grace thought I was leaving her, so she did not cooperate on any of these pictures. We had a great week at our GiGi's house. We love you GiGi and miss you already!


While we were in Little Rock we stopped by to see Patterson (and his Mommy and Daddy). Olivia Grace loves to see babies! Patterson is so cute! We miss you guys.

The Wonder Place
On Friday Olivia Grace and Jordan went to The Wonder Place. They had a terrific time playing at all the centers. The water table was a big hit!


Olivia Grace and Jordan loved playing with the bubble machine. Olivia Grace also loved playing with the dirt in GiGi's flowerpots.

Evan and Lillie
On Thursday Olivia Grace went to see Evan and Lillie (Mommy got to see Jaime). Olivia Grace loved playing with all of the toys at there house.

Day At the Park
On Thursday we had lunch with Aunt Karen and went to the park. Olivia Grace and Jordan had so much fun playing!