Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shiloh Saints

Last Friday Olivia Grace had a fabulous day.  She started off the morning with the Shiloh Saints football team signing the kids shirts.  Shiloh was playing Greenwood that night (was a big, big game for both teams).  We got out of the car and headed towards the HUGE football helmet.  Then we started getting signatures (including #15 the star quarterback).  Not that OG even knew what the big deal was, she just thought it was neat for someone to sign her shirt (she thought it tickled).  Then we headed inside to buy a tattoo from the cheerleaders.  We then found her 2 new friends (Anna and Zoe Grace).  She comes home talking about them ALL of the time.  That afternoon the classes all got to go to the pep rally.  OG said the cheerleaders did a dance.  Later that evening we all headed to the game for tailgating and part of the game.  Oh she loved it!!  Oh and Shiloh won!!

Knowing Jesus

We headed to Mansfield a couple of weeks ago so that we could see Colton be baptised.  With us talking about Colton's decision to ask Jesus into his heart, Olivia Grace has had MANY questions.  She asked how she could have Jesus in her heart.  We have talked about what it means but she doesn't understand.  I am just grateful that we have already started having these discussion with OG.  This is my #1 prayer for my girls.  That they will some day come to the point in their life that they know they are sinners and that they know Jesus is the only One that can save them from their sins.  I want to know they will spend eternity in heaven. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mamaw and Papaw

A couple of weeks ago we were headed to Mansfield and we stopped by to see Mamaw and Papaw.  It had been a while since we had seen them so it was a great visit.  They were both so amazed at how much the girls had grown. 

Labor Day

Labor Day was our last big day on the lake for the summer.  Gigi, Mamaw, Papaw, Colton, and Chandlan came up to spend the night and go to the lake.  It was a terrific weekend and we can't wait for lake season next year!!!