Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back in Little Rock

This past weekend we went home and surprised Gigi. We had a great time. Olivia Grace got to see her cousin Jordan (who she loves so much). We also got to see Gigi, Aunt Ellen, Uncle Stewart, and Pam. Gigi got to babysit Olivia Grace while Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner with Rodney and JoAnn. We had a super time!!

Stonebridge Meadows Playgroup
Last Friday we had the 1st Stonebridge Meadows (our neighborhood) playgroup. Everyone came to our house. We put all of Olivia Grace's toys upstairs in the playroom. There were about 11 kids that came. They had a wonderful time and the Mom's enjoyed themselves too. After the kids played we had a "picnic" in the dining room floor. This is going to be a monthly thing we do!!

Fun City

Last Thursday Olivia Grace had a playgroup at Fun City (like Chuck E. Cheese). She had a wonderful time playing with her friends. She did not like riding on the the moving toys. She did like going down the slide and playing in the balls. What a busy little girl!!!!

Sweet Little Girl
Olivia Grace is such a busy little girl. Her schedule is changing. She now only takes one nap in the afternoon. It is usually a 2 1/2 hour nap. She also is needing to go to bed a little earlier now.
Olivia Grace LOVES books. She wants to read all the time, which her Mommy likes (seeing that I taught 1 st grade). She pats my chair when she is ready for me to sit down and read.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Princess
Olivia Grace wore her "snow princess" outfit to church this morning. She felt really pretty. That may have had something to do with us telling her 100 times how pretty she looked!

Mimi's Surprise Party
We had a surprise party for Mimi on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and Olivia Grace got to play with her cousins Colton and Chandlan. Olivia Grace also got to see her new baby cousin Rebekah. Mimi was really surprised. Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

New Friend
A few weeks ago we went over to Caroline's house, so I could play and Mommy could see some friends. My friends were: Will, Caroline, and Blakely. Will was my new friend. His Mommy Kerri and my Mommy were sorority sisters. Everyone had a great time!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy New Year
Olivia Grace's boyfriend Carter Wayne (and his parents Rodney and Jo Ann) came and stayed over the New Year's Eve weekend. We had a wonderful time hanging out. It felt like old times in Little Rock. We ate a lot and watched the kids. However the Mommy's did get away to go get a pedicure!!! How wonderful! Olivia Grace did great with Carter Wayne (6 months). She is working on being "gentle" around babies. Jo Ann's friend Ashley (soon to be a new friend to me) came over. She lives in Rogers. Her little boy is Noah. He is also 6 months old. Carter Wayne may have some competition. We hated to see our friends go!! We hope they will come back REAL soon!!! Happy New Years!

Christmas Day in Ft. Smith
Olivia Grace woke up Christmas morning in Ft. Smith at her Mamaw and Papaw's house. Her GiGi was there too. Santa brought her many neat gifts. He did forget to leave the screws and bolts for her largest gift (table and chair set). Shame on Santa! We will forgive him though! We had a Christmas lunch. Olivia Grace's 2nd cousins Maggie, Chloe Jean, and Baby Charlie came over. It was great to see Beth, Scott, Rich, Uncle Gary, and Aunt Patti too. We had a great time being with family!

Christmas At The Silvey's
We spent Christmas Eve at Brent's parents house. We had our big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve with them. Olivia Grace LOVED playing with cousins Colton and Chandlin. Of course their MiMi and Papaw spoil them to pieces. They had tons of gifts to open. Olivia Grace was not really into opening presents this year. She liked to crawl on the big boxes though. She got a slide/swing from MiMi and Papaw. It is now in our living room waiting for Spring to get here. We had a great time!!! Santa also came to see Olivia Grace at MiMi and Papaw's house. The kids were so excited to see Santa on his busy day of the year. Thanks Santa!!!

Santa Came To Our House
Olivia Grace was shocked to see Santa as we walked Caleb and his parents outside. He was going from door to door visiting all the good little boys and girls. So of course he came to see Miss Olivia Grace. She didn't know what to really think of him. I think we were more excited than she was.

Daddy Turned 30
Over Christmas Olivia Grace's Mommy and Daddy both had a birthday. We celebrated Brent's BIG 30 on December 21st!! We went to dinner with family and had cake at our house. Brent arrived at work to a heavily decorated desk (compliments of Mommy). His nurses wrapped his car in plasticwrap and shoepolished the windows. We love to celebrate and have a party!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Party
Olivia Grace hosted her first Christmas party. She invited Caroline, Blakely, Bella, and Julia. The girls were dressed up in their Christmas outfits. They played and had lunch. Of course the Mommy's enjoyed the party as well. We will have to do it again next year. We love a good party!!

Christmas At GiGi's
Our next Christmas celebration was in Little Rock at GiGi's house. Cousin Jordan, Aunt Ellen, and Uncle Stewart were there. This was mainly a Christmas for Jordan and Olivia Grace. They enjoyed opening presents together. We were so excited for Jordan to open up a special present from us. He got is very own Razorback football uniform. It came with a helmet, pads, jersey and pants. He was in "hog heaven!" We had to sing the fight song and call the hogs as he ran around the house. He had a great time. Olivia Grace even tried on the helmet!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

First Haircut

While we were in Little Rock Olivia Grace got her first haircut. We wanted Meryl to be the first one to cut Olivia Grace's hair. She did a great job. She cut Olivia Grace's bangs and the part around her neck. Olivia Grace did a great job too! We got a"My First Haircut" certificate and the hair that was cut. Thanks Meryl!

Christmas Card Pictures
This was by no means an easy task!! Brent and I spent 2 evenings trying for that perfect picture. The second night we got that "perfect" picture the first shot. So I guess it wasn't too hard.

Christmas with Dukes, Nana, and Pop
Our first Christmas celebration was in Beebe with Dukes, Nana and Pop. We had a great time eating, opening presents, looking at cows, and spending time together. Jordan, Aunt Ellen, and Uncle Stewart were also there. Olivia Grace got a rocking chair and phone from Nana and Pop. She got a piano from Dukes. We had a wonderful time!!! Merry Christmas!