Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We will miss you both!!

We have had a really tough last 2 weeks. It started with the passing of Brent's grandfather. He was 95 years old. He passed away on Sunday, May 24th. We knew his time was close. They had put him in Hospice. We are very glad we got to spend some good quality time with him on the Friday night before he died. He was in his right mind and he was feeling pretty good. Granddad was one of the most Godly men I knew. If he talked to you, then he made sure you were a Christian. We can all find peace in his passing with the assurance that he is in Heaven with his Lord and Savior. We will miss Grandad, but will see him in heaven one day.

So that all happened on Sunday. On Tuesday, May 26th my Nana passed away. We just lost my Pop in March and now my Nana. Nana has always had some health problems, but this was very sudden. I am very grateful that I made it to Little Rock before she closed her eyes and gave up. I am pretty sure that she knew I was there. When I started talking to her she raised her eyebrows. I hold on to that she was waiting for me to get there, because it wasn't 20 minutes after I arrived that she let go. I hold on to that she is also in heaven with Jesus and with Pop. I will truly miss her. We talked every other day on the phone. She adored Olivia Grace and Jordan.

I don't know why this all happened in the same week. But, I know that I would not have made it through it if I didn't have Jesus in my life. My prayer is that if you are reading this blog, that you have a personal relationship with Jesus. He is the ONLY way to make it through difficult times. And HE is the ONLY way to heaven. I am very thankful that my Nana and Pop and Grandad had a personal relationship with Jesus. They are in heaven today and they have no more suffering and no more pain!!!!!

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