Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At Gigi's

Last week OG and I headed to Little Rock to see Gigi. The original plan was to drop OG off in LR on our way home from the beach. However the broken arm put a kink in that plan. So we headed to LR on Wednesday afternoon. OG was able to attend VBS at our church in LR with Gigi. She loved it!! While we were there we made some yummy cupcakes with Gigi; played with Jordan; played with the Gaston kiddos; played with the Hart kiddos. Thanks Gigi for a great week!


April said...

Wow, that is the same exact pink cast Lowery had! Hope she is doing okay. We are in week 6 of the cast (week 2 in the 2nd, shorter cast) and have it taken off on Thursday. Yeah!

Annie said...

Hey, Leslie. Saw Brent yesterday for a check up on Courtney before we head to CA for July. Told him to tell ya hi. We should get together in August some time. Miss seeing you around. Glad all is well there.

RaJeana Dukes said...

Olivia Grace, thanks for helping Jordan and me make those beautful cupcakes. Gigi