Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Daddy. We had a terrific day. We started off by going to church and headed to Red Lobster (Brent loves seafood) for a great lunch. Up to this point we had not given Brent his Father's Day present. Well, OG said our prayer at lunch and she thanked God for Daddy's new bike and that she hoped Mommy would get one sometime. So there you have it, Brent got a new bike. Brent and I could not help but laugh. She said it so innocently. She was thankful Daddy was getting a bike. So when we got home she gave her Daddy his new bike. Now they can ride bikes together.
After our tradition of taking a Sunday afternoon nap, we headed to the movies. We went to see the movie "Up." It was really good and OG loved being at the movies. After popcorn and coke at the movies, we ended the night with a snow cone!! I would say it was a great Father's Day. We love you Brent. You are the best Daddy ever!!!

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April said...

You are a great dad, Brent! We are glad you guys had a good day, only wish we we there to share church and Red Lobster with you!