Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jaime Visits

Saturday my old roomie Jaime came to see us. She and another sorority sister, Heather, drove in from Benton for the day. Jaime couldn't wait to get her hands on Annalyse. She also brought a special gift for Annalyse. It is something special for the nursery. I will post it later when the nursery is completed (it is getting close). I am really excited about it!!! So we spent most of the day at home (just a little shopping). Then our other roomie Jo Ann came over. It is always great for the three of us to be together. Anita met up with us for dinner that evening. It felt so great to be out of the house with the "girls." Thanks Jaime for making a special trip just to see Annalyse.

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Jaime said...

I am so glad that I got to spend the day with you and your two beautiful girls!! I told JoAnne all about that fabulous bookcase that Brent is building and how cute the room is going to be and she is now dying to see the finished product!! I also told her that I was jealous of both of the girls rooms because they seriously had the cutest girl rooms I had ever seen! Thanks again for letting me come spend the day with you guys. I can't wait for another girls weekend!