Thursday, December 31, 2009

Silvey Christmas

Colton and Olivia Grace playing in the snow. OG is in the boy bkue.
We had to borrow snow clothes from the boys.

Trying out her new Hello Kitty skates. We have some practicing to do!!

A little overwhelmed on Christmas morning!

What Santa brought to Mimi's!
Leaving a note, cookies, and milk for Santa!

Leaving Reindeer food!

Future tennis star!

Uncle Dustin got all the kids green slime. It was a big hit with everyone!

Papaw reading the Christmas story from his iPhone.

We had a Merry Christmas this year. You know things don't always go as planned. We went to Papaw's and Mimi's house on Wednesday (Christmas Eve Eve). We celebrated with the Silvey family all day on Christmas Eve. It was also Papaw's birthday too!! Well, you know the weatherman kept saying it was going to snow. Well, we got "stuck" in Mansfield. Brent and his Dad tried to make it to Fayetteville but could only get to Ft. Smith before they had to turn around. The streets were just too bad!! The weatherman was RIGHT!!! So what to do, what to do??? Santa did have 1 gift to leave for Olivia Grace at Mimi's and Papaw's (the rest were in Fayetteville). I felt so sad for OG, but it was NOT a big deal to her at all. Santa left her a note and told her that his sleigh was just to heavy because of the snow and that he left the rest at her house in Fayetteville. Just goes to show that they don't need much to make them happy!! In spite of the change in plans, we had a wonderful time with the Silvey clan. Olivia Grace LOVES to play with her cousins Colton and Chandlan. I hate to say that we didn't take any family or group pictures with Brent's family. And we even got a NEW camera for Christmas!! Yes, I have a new camera. It was TIME!! So I won't fuss about mine anymore!!

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