Thursday, December 31, 2009

Richardson Christmas

Mamaw and Papaw with OG and Jordan

OG in Jordan's Transformer mask.

Mamaw and Olivia Grace dressed as a cheerleader!

Only family picture on Christmas!

Mamaw and Papaw

Olivia Grace and Chloe Jean

Gigi and Mamaw

Gigi, Mamaw, and Aunt Patti
Olivia Grace and Aunt Ellen

After the snow began to melt Christmas morning we headed to Ft. Smith for our Richardson (Gigi's side) Christmas. We had a wonderful lunch at my aunt and uncle's house. Olivia Grace got to play with my cousin's kids (Maggie, Chloe Jean, and Charlie) and her cousin Jordan. Then we headed to Mamaw and Papaw's house for presents. However we didn't give any presents because ours were "stuck" in Fayetteville. When it got time for us to go home Olivia Grace decided she wanted to stay. We told her that her Santa gifts were waiting on her in Fayetteville, but she said that I could just maybe open a couple of them for her. This worked out great so that Santa and his helper could get all of her gifts ready. So needles to say we had a terrific Christmas!!

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