Monday, September 29, 2008

A Busy Weekend

We had a fun weekend. It all started with Gigi coming to our house on Friday night. Mimi and Papaw also came to Fayetteville. On Saturday we started the day off by going to Chuck E. Cheeses for Parker's 3rd Birthday. Olivia Grace loved celebrating.

Later that afternoon Mamaw and Papaw came to Fayetteville to watch the Arkansas game. Olivia Grace loved playing with Gigi and Mamaw and Papaw.

Saturday night Daddy came home with a new truck. Olivia Grace couldn't wait to ride in his big truck. So we headed downtown to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. We found that this wasn't really a great "family" place. We "kinda" didn't fit in. But we got to see 1000's of motorcycles.

What a fun Saturday. Happy Birthday Parker!!

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