Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today Olivia Grace hosted an Easter party. She invited Anna Kate, Caroline, Blakely, and Meg. The girls had so much fun playing dress-up. They also had a great time hunting eggs. They are really into to it this year. We had a terrific day.


amyj said...

Hi Leslie! It was great to meet you today at Sarah's, and Kate and Abby can't stop talking about Olivia Grace. I literally stumbled across your blog today while I was looking at others seems as if we have several mutual friends. I finally realized why you seem so familiar to me: we were neighbors in Little Rock when you were a baby. My mom and your mom were friends when we lived on Independence Lane in SW LR and your sister, Ellen, and I had playdates when were were 2 and 3 or maybe evn older. I vaguely remember playing with the Duke girls. My maiden name is Pope and my mom's name is Gwyn. Such a small world!! Olivia Grace is a doll!
Amy James

Jaime said...

OG is getting so big!! By the way love that topiary on her table in the background! That is such a neat idea I wonder where you got that from???!!!!! Email me plans for the weekend. I hope we are still on!!!!

Allen & Kristen said...

The picture of her in the hat and scarf is priceless! I love it!