Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Months

Last Friday Annalyse turned 7 months old.  So hard to believe!  Now she is on the GO!!!  Last month she began sitting up on her own (which was so nice).  To get anywhere she would roll.  Now she is crawling!  This last week she got it!!  This morning she crawled from the living room to Olivia Grace's bathroom.  She doesn't want to miss ANYTHING!  She is still nursing and eating baby foods great.  We started a sippycup with water this last week (haven't gotten that down yet).  Annalyse still loves her bath.  I can't get her in there fast enough for her.  We are still working on sleeping through the night (I believe I said that last month).  Fingers crossed, maybe it will be this month! 

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Ruffles and Reptiles said...

OMG those girls are gorgus I want to squeeze them both. I miss y'all sooo bad. Emily wanted to know if her dad would see OG while he was in Fay for work:). Made me so sad.