Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seacrest, Florida 2010

Well, we made it!!!  We made it to Florida before the oil hit.  We were so afraid that we would get there and the beaches would be full of tar balls.  But it was beautiful white sandy beaches that we are always use to in Florida.  Gigi, Mimi, and Papaw went with us.  This made it VERY nice having extra hands to help with AnnalyseAnnalyse did GREAT!!!!  She did really good on the ride there and back.  It helped having Gigi or Mimi sitting back with her.  She did well on the beach too.  We had a large canopy and put her pack-n-play under it every day.
We stayed in a wonderful home.  The house was in Seacrest, Florida.  I think we have found an area that we will always stay around  HWY 30A.  Such a neat area and not commercialized.  The house had a fabulous porch that stretched across the back of it.  There were white rocking chairs and a huge hammock on the porch.  We spent many hours rocking and watching the waves.  Olivia Grace had a ball swinging on the hammock.  
Olivia Grace had a terrific time as always.  She loves building sandcastles with her Daddy.  As I was building one with her she informed me that her and Daddy always built beautiful ones (I guess I didn't meet her standards). 
It was a wonderful week.  I am so glad that Mimi, Papaw, and Gigi got to spend the week with us.  We just hope that the oil doesn't ruin such a pretty place. 
I will be posting more pictures tomorrow!!


Jaime said...

Oh my goodness, I am loving Annalyse's little legs in that pic of her and Brent! You guys are such a cute family!

The Greenfield Family said...

I love the pics!!! Great family pic, too! Looks like a perfect place to stay! So glad you all had so much fun!

the McGuire Girls... said...

Oh I am so glad you all got to go back to the beach this year! The girls are dying to go back too...maybe next year!