Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Lake

Well I think Annalyse is going to be a lake girl just like Olivia Grace.  Friday evening was her first time in a life jacket and in the boat.  She did great!!!  So when it came time for us to go out on Saturday, I was wondering how she would be when it was hot and sunny.  But again, she did not ever cry!!!  Yeah!!!  That means we can enjoy the summer on the lake.  Olivia Grace loves the lake.  She got to tube and swim.  She kept telling Papaw to go FAST!!!!  The little "dare devil" also did a front flip off the back of the boat.  I was shocked.  She has no fear.  We did ask her not to do that again (just a LITTLE dangerous)!!!

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the Fosters said...

Two precious girls!! Isn't that baby life jacket so bulkey? Noah and Ally both had to wear them too but never complained either! Hope you guys are well!