Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Months Old

I am just a little behind on blogging. Annalyse is now 2 months old (actually it was a week ago Saturday). We have loved every second of her - even in the car seat. This month she has started smiling, cooing, and a little laughing. Olivia Grace loves seeing her smile. She knows just the right things to say to her and has the sweetest little voice when she talks to her. Some of the things Annalyse likes are: being HELD, her swing, bath time, her passy, and someone to talk to her. Some things she doesn't like right now (but we hope to change REALLY soon) are: riding in her car seat and a taking bottle.
Annalyse went for her 2 month checkup last week. Dr. Denton says she's just perfect. Her weight is 10 lb 15.5 oz. Her length is 22.32 inches. Her sweet little head was perfect too (15.24 in). She fell in the 50% for weight, height, and head circumference. She also got her shots. Not fun!! Olivia Grace said she wanted to hold her hand while she got the shots, but as soon as the nurses came towards her with the shots she let go. But she was there for her little sister with moral support. Annalyse screamed for just a second and then cried for a little bit. She didn't have any other problems with the shots though. She is one perfect little baby girl!!


Dean, Mila, Parker,& Presley said...

Happy to hear her checkup was great! I love how you put the sign next to her so you will always know how old she was looking back in the pictures...sooo smart!! I might just have to copy that!!! They are both so pretty.

the McGuire Girls... said...

How cute are they? I love the bedding too. Olivia Grace knows how to dodge those shots...that's so funny!