Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Shower

On Sunday I had another great baby shower. This one was mainly from our neighborhood. I have been so blessed with so many wonderful neighbors/friends. It was hosted by Michelle, JoAnn, Kimberly, Meredith, Lisa, and Christy. It was at Michelle's house. Everything was so special. They had asked my to send them a list of prayer request that Brent and I had for Baby Silvey. Then at the shower they had made adorable magnets that each person left with. On the magnet they listed one of the prayer request, so that friend could pray for that specific request. I had never seen this and it meant so much. Thanks everyone for a special day!!

Our Prayer Request

1. Her salvation.
2. That she would be a healthy baby girl.
3. That she would be picky when choosing her friends.
4. That her and Olivia Grace would love each other.
5. For her future mate.
6. That she would have a heart of a servant.
7. That sin would be distasteful to her.

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The Slaughters said...

That cake is rockin. LOVE it. Can't wait for this baby to arrive!