Thursday, October 01, 2009

Los Cabos or Dallas???

Los Cabos, Mexico or Dallas?? Well I chose Dallas with Olivia Grace. This was our last vacation before Baby Girl Silvey. Mexico sounded great, but I had too much on my mind to be able to enjoy myself. Brent said I was crazy. But needles to say we had a wonderful time in Dallas with our sweet little girl. Mimi and Papaw also went with us. As long as OG can stay in a hotel that has an indoor pool and a great breakfast, she is in heaven. So we spent several days shopping, eating, and swimming. We also made it to the Dallas Aquarium. It was great!! I highly recommend it if you are ever in Dallas. Olivia Grace loved taking pictures of all the animals we got to see. While we were in Dallas I found baby bedding. I feel relieved to have that decision made. Now we must come up with the "perfect" name for Baby Silvey.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun trip! I bet your bedding is sooo cute! Can't wait to make another trip up there and see baby silvey's room. - Ashley F