Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls Only Weekend

In July I had a Girls weekend. Yes, that is right!!!! No children and NO husbands (except mine had to work so I DID let him stay around). My dear friend Jaime Lott Gaston came from Benton (she had not been here since our move - it was past time!!!). She spent Friday and Saturday night with me. On Friday night we had a little past roommate and DZ sister reunion. Jo Ann, Jaime, and I were roommates in college (they by far were the BEST in the world). We met up with some of our DZ sisters ( Sara and Keri) for dinner. Then we headed for coffee and dessert. It was a terrific night catching up and reminiscing about our college days.
On Saturday Jaime, Jo Ann and I did some shopping!!! Then we met up with Brent for dinner (I know I broke the rule of GIRLS ONLY, but he paid.) Jaime and I had a great time just "talking." I know we both needed it!!
On Sunday before Jaime left, we went to have brunch. It was nice and fun for a change. Thanks Jaime for making the trip up to NWA. I had so much fun. We must do it again REALLY soon!

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