Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Cast Is Off

We are so very excited that the cast is off!! We went to the Dr. on Tuesday. They first took the cast off. The nurse explained how she was going to take the cast off and that her machine (saw) would be really loud. I am sure most kids wig out because it is very loud. Not our OG!! She just smiled and watched. After the cast was off they took a couple of x-rays. Dr. Cocker came in and said her arm looked great. We will go back in 4 weeks for him to see how she is using it. Hopefully we will start back to gymnastics in 4 weeks too. Olivia Grace's first questions were: Can I go faster on the tube behind the boat?; Can I swim in the big swimming pool now?; and Can I go to gymnastics now? She sure was a little trooper. She never complained once that she had to wear the cast. To be honest, it never really SLOWED her down (imagine that)!!!


the McGuire Girls... said...

Yeahhhh! I still laugh when I think of Brent! I can just hear him saying..."Oh she is fine!!!"

RaJeana Dukes said...

Olivia Grace, you were such a big girl at the doctors. Gigi was proud of you. Gigi