Wednesday, April 08, 2009

3 1/2

Olivia Grace turned 3 1/2 this last Friday (April 3rd). It is so hard to believe she is getting so old. She is a true blessing from God. Our prayer is that she will grow to be a healthy, loving little girl that loves Jesus.
Olivia Grace is involved in dance and gymnastics. She has just moved up to a new gymnastics class that has 4 and 5 year olds. I know she will learn so much from the older girls. In dance she is learning her dances for her 2nd dance recital that is in June.
Olivia Grace is a "very" active little girl. Everyone that doesn't get to see her on a daily basis always ask if she ever stops. My response is always, "when her head hits the pillow at night." She isn't much of a nap taker. We like to call it a rest. She does "rest" for a few minutes.
Some things OG really likes to do at home are: play Old Maid and Go Fish; play tag with Mommy and Daddy (yes we run in our house); play hide and seek; have friends over to play; ride her jeep; ride her bike.

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The Jordon Family said...

She is very adorable! You are very blessed to have her :)
p.s. we run in our house too :):)