Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Morning

Olivia Grace really didn't know what to think when she woke up and saw what Santa had brought her. Brent and I said, "Olivia Grace Santa brought you a cool pink jeep." Her response was, "that isn't a pink jeep, that is a brown jeep." Brent and I nearly died!!!!! All the work Santa and his helper elf had put into making that jeep pink!! In her defense it was a little dark and only Christmas tree lights on. However as soon as we took it outside she could see that it was pink. She LOVES it!!!! She took her Mini Mouse on a ride with her. She is so good at driving it. It is hilarious watching her turn her music on and driving all over the place. She drives, turns, and throws it into reverse. And of course it is "high" gear. It was just too slow for her in low gear. It is funny when she brings her purse and cell phone in her jeep. She also likes to have her a "diet coke" in her cup holder. I don't know where she gets that from!!! ha ha! Santa also brought OG a few other things, but they were not near as cool as the jeep.

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