Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ragedy Ann

Today we continued the tradition of meeting the Boyd girls (Caroline and Carlee) for Halloween pictures. This year we went back on campus. Olivia Grace is Ragedy Ann (aka baby doll) and the Boyd girls are Fancy Nancy. Olivia Grace loves wearing her hat. They had fun running around while we were chasing them for that "perfect picture."


The Slaughters said...

Shut up. Can that be any more adorable???!

the Fosters said...

She looks sooooo cute!

Kristina said...

OHMYGOSH SOOOO Cute i can hardly stand it! We had trunk or treat at church last night so i need to get my little lion's pictures up on here!! She wants to be a 'scary giraffe' and tinkerbell also but we are letting her choose between the Lion and the Giraffe for now!