Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy New Year
Olivia Grace's boyfriend Carter Wayne (and his parents Rodney and Jo Ann) came and stayed over the New Year's Eve weekend. We had a wonderful time hanging out. It felt like old times in Little Rock. We ate a lot and watched the kids. However the Mommy's did get away to go get a pedicure!!! How wonderful! Olivia Grace did great with Carter Wayne (6 months). She is working on being "gentle" around babies. Jo Ann's friend Ashley (soon to be a new friend to me) came over. She lives in Rogers. Her little boy is Noah. He is also 6 months old. Carter Wayne may have some competition. We hated to see our friends go!! We hope they will come back REAL soon!!! Happy New Years!

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Anonymous said...

You daughter is so beautiful and thanks for posting Rodney's sweet baby's picture. In case you don't recognize, this is Penny (used to be your sister's roommate). Can you believe a year has gone by? Check out Abby's website and send it to Ellen if you get a chance.