Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Olivia Grace's Crazy Daddy
Not only did Olivia Grace dress up for Halloween, but her Daddy did too! He wore this attire to the clinic on Halloween. He did say he took the wig off when seeing his patients. This outfit was a last minute decision (imagine that with the Silvey's), but it won him "funniest costume" at work. Most of the nurses and a few doctors dressed up. Believe it or not Olivia Grace was not scared of her Daddy. She is use to him being silly with her!!! She LOVES her Daddy!!


mauree said...

We saw Brent at work on Halloween. Miles thought he was funny! He didn't know what to think of all the hair.

Stephanie & Scott said...

If I were a little kid, I would want Brent to be my doctor!!! Looks like he's having fun at his job.