Monday, September 18, 2006

Olivia Grace's New Ride
Olivia Grace got a birthday present early last week. She loves her new car. She can get on and off all by herself. She likes to put toys in the trunk. But most of all she likes to push it around the house. She has learned how to turn the wheel when she crashes into something, so that she can keep on going. You can hear her squealing all throughout the house when she is pushing her car.


e said...

She's just so SO gorgeous!! I'm *so* jealous of the beautiful clothes you guys have over there for babies!!

Keri said...

Too Cute! See you tomorrow!
I am very proud you did the pics!

Baby Sara's Mom said...

nice pictures! is nice to see her walking and enjoying her rides in her new toy! say Hi to Brent for us!

Ashley said...

I am so proud of Oliva Grace! Way to go, girl!!! Tell, Brent good luck with the fountain. We are coming up Sat. for the game. Maybe we can meet up?